#Julamorous, My Life



Welcome to Julamorous!

I am going to be posting everyday in July! That is 31 blog posts for the month of July. I do not know how I am going to pull this off without any suggestions. So, please help me by giving me ideas about what to blog about for the whole month of July. I already had the Favorites suggested by my best friend, whose own blog is http://www.daniellec1992.wordpress.com/ and that is going to be a five part series! I need fresh ideas please. I know that I am going to make this happen someway, somehow. All you viewers and followers out there can look forward to My Boyfriend Buys My Makeup. He really wants to do this. It is a 20 US DOLLAR makeup challenge, so you can look forward to that. I have a few other things planned for #Julamorous, but I am open to suggestions. I want this to be fun and entertaining for all of my readers and followers. This post marks off the 1st day of #Julamorous and I am certainly excited for all of the fun to come. Who knows?! There might be a giveaway, so stay tuned! And stay Glamorous!

With Love,


3 thoughts on “#Julamorous”

  1. seems cool to post everyday. I look forward to your posts! Sorry not sure about ideas. I like a wide variety of things. Beauty, books, animals, outdoors, photography, etc.

    1. Thanks! I look forward to doing the posts! Well, there’s an idea! An animal post. I have four animals. Three dogs and a cat. Really only one dog and cat are mine but you know.

      1. it would be fun to see pics of all your pets! I love animals. I have three myself, one cat, one kitten, and one dog.

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