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My Boyfriend’s 20 US DOLLAR Makeup Challenge!

Heya Beauties!

Okay, I will admit that I had to help my boyfriend with the challenge of buying my makeup. He checked to make sure he was getting mostly sales items, but was completely overwhelmed with all the aisles and choices. His quote: “You really need this much of a variety?” Apparently, the men’s aisle is just a single aisle. Anyways, he didn’t know what most of the stuff was. I assisted him by directing him to the eye shadows, which he picked up two of them that he liked. Next, he asked me if I had an eye shadow brush, because he knows that I hate those foam things and only use them on the go. I said no, so he got me one along with an eye primer. He remembered me saying that I needed one because of my oily eyelids. We then looked at the blushes and my boyfriend picked up one that was a novelty and said it went with my purple personality. He ended up spending 21.50 US DOLLARS, not bad fo a guy without a clue.

I will now list everything he bought with pictures and my first impressions of them.
*Pulling out randomly*

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in 205 Tropical Fusion
0.19 oz


I really like the bright vibrancy of these colors and the pigmentation in one swipe is great. I will have to build up the bright yellow eye shadow, but as is, it will make a pretty highlight shade for the inner corners. My boyfriend picked the best summer time palette, but I will confess that I will probably continue to use it into the Fall. I like that the foam applicator has a tip on one side. I look forward to trying out these colors tomorrow, because it is too late today. I’ve already done my look! These are powder, shimmer colors.

E.L.F. Studio Eye Primer & Liner Sealer in Clear & Natural
0.09 oz [Primer] / 0.14 [Sealer]


I love the concept behind this duo. I love that I can prime my eyes for shadows or use it as its own color. I really like the liner sealer for turning eye shadows into liner. No more trying to find fun eye liner colors, when you can make your own in colors tat you know you’ll love. I cannot wait to try this! Maybe I’ll use the green from the Tropical palette. My boyfriend just picked this, because it was the only eye primer. So glad he did!

*picked out Mentos*
Opps! How did you get in there?

E.L.F. Studio 84010 Small Angled Brush
1 Brush

I like that this brush is perfect for lining the eyes as well as applying eye shadow. I could use it to fill my eye brows and apply lip color, but I think that I will purchase separate brushes for that. This I will keep for my eyes. I don’t do much smokey eye looks, so a simple brush is what I need. My boyfriend picked this one, because it “looks like it’s for eye shadow, because its small but not too small.” Go figure!

Maybelline New York Dream Bouncy Blush in 45 Orchid Hush
0.19 oz



I like that this color is a purple tinted sheer blush that is a powder, but turns into a cream. I enjoy touching the bouncy texture of the blush, but it doesn’t bounce back up. 🙂 The purple isn’t too purple. It is a purple pink with a pearly shimmer to it that is really a lot prettier in person, hence why my boyfriend thought that this purple would really suit me. I have yellow undertones, so purple really brings my face alive, but too dark of a shade of purple, just makes me seem bruised. I am eager to try this on my cheeks!

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in 270 Crystal Waters
5.29 – 2.65 = 2.64 US DOLLARS
0.19 oz


I love how pigmented these colors are!!! My boyfriend got this palette, because he thinks that they would go with my grey eyes. Most people call them blue, but it isn’t a true blue color. I honestly only see grey in the mirror like a storming sky. These colors will flatter them and hopefully make them seem more grey by pointing out the fact that it looks less blue with a blue eye lid! These colors also contain shimmer, but I am in love with them. Especially the shimmering green, it looks very lovely! These are no-season colors, which makes them appropriate for every occasion.

Have you had a beauty haul lately? Feel free to link it in the comments sections and questions and comments are always welcome.

With Love,


2 thoughts on “My Boyfriend’s 20 US DOLLAR Makeup Challenge!”

    1. Especially when your bf picks them! Lol. Thanks, I really do like everything I got at a glance. I’ll have to use them and try them out before I really decide if they were worth it. I think they will be.

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