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Daily Essentials

Heya Beauties!

Since I am going to do an in-depth morning and evening skin care routine and a what’s in my shower blog posts, I thought that I would do my top ten (in no particular order) daily essentials. I was tagged to do a daily essentials post by Danielle (http://daniellec1992.wordpress.com) and she did a fabulous post on this! Go check it out! Now, onto my TOP TEN!


1. Aqua Marina Facial Cleanser
This stuff really works to brighten my complexion, lighten hyperpigmentation, and reduces how oily my face is throughout the day. I like to pair this with my Clarisonic at night to get a really deep down clean. In the morning, I just let this sit on my face or two before rinsing it away. I find that the more you leave it on, the less oily I will be throughout the day. I rarely have to blot midday now.


2. No Drought Dry Shampoo
I am in love with this stuff! It smells very citrusy and it works wonders on second…even third day hair, which I am very guilty of right now. On third day hair, you do have to use a very good amount on the hair and let it sit for five minutes. It will make your hair a little voluminous and looking fresh. It does not look as good as washed hair, but it does not look greasy at all! My hair is naturally shiny and this stuff dulls it a bit, but it does this in order for hair not to look greasy. I remedy this with a spray of shine serum.


3. Clarisonic Mia in Purple
I love this thing to death! In two months, this cleared my skin using it twice a day. I have the sensitive brush head and an oily face, so using it regularly is not a problem for me even though my face is sensitive. I think using this for a longer period of time will decongest my pores and possibly help with black heads. I am a faithful user and a believer.


4. Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant
Because everyone needs to wear deodorant and this is the best for my oversweating arm pits. Seriously, I have a oversweating problem and as long as I use this twice a day, I do not sweat through my clothes, which is great. No more ruined shirts for me.


5. Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream
This is a facial moisturizer and I really like it the best out of everything that I have ever tried so far. The gel absorbs into my skin and moisturizes without feeling reasey or making me oiler later in the day. I feel like this is the perfect drink for my skin and keeps my skin in balance. Oily skin needs moisture too to help fight the need for the skin to produce oil in the first place. Do not be mistaken, his does not leave my face matte all day, but it is very refreshing for the skin.


6. Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
Okay, so I use this for more than just my eye makeup. I use this to remove all of he makeup on my face. It usually takes four cotton balls for most of my makeup to be gone. I do not like this solution particularly well, but it gets the job done. Makeup remover is a must for me, because I wear it a few times a week. I recently ran out of SPF, so I have been wearing heavy SPF foundation everyday. Remover has been a Godsend.


7. Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish + Condition Leave-In Treatment
My hair’s best friend has always been leave-in treatments for my hair. These treatments help battle frizz and unruly locks. This whips my hair into shape and helps me manage my curly/wavy hair. I only use this on my ends to keep my hair from getting greasy and gives my hair great separation and definition to my curls/waves. I recommend this to anyone with unruly hair. *cough* Danielle *cough* This is a worthwhile product, but it is a bit pricey.


8. B&BW White Citrus Perfume
I love this citrusy, light summer fragrance! It is perfect for summer and makes me happy when I put it on. This scent is suitable for any women nor matter how young or how old. I think it could be a scent for men as well since it is more fruit smelling than floral. I tend to light fruit scents better than florals, but I do not mind a musky scent for evening wear. This is quality perfume that does not need to be refreshed throughout the day. Two sprays on my neck and I am done for the day.


9. The Body Shop Coconut Soap
Everyone needs to wash with soap, but why something boring? Coconut is such a summer time scent that I couldn’t resist buying this soap and using it. It smells like coconut and almonds. It is a sweet light smell, not overpowering at all. I like it, because it does the job of a stripping soap without smelling like one. I always follow-up with a good moisturizing soap, though. This soap is a nice size and lasts for at least a month, especially because I pair it up with my exfoliating gloves and just a few swipes suds them up really good.


10. The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel
I always have to follow-up soap with a moisturizing shower gel that soothes my skin. This one is very fruity smelling and makes me smile every time I use it. It smells like the sweetest strawberries in the world. Although the gel is a bit runnier than I like, the scent more than makes up for it. This is not really irritating on my skin. I do notice a little bit of a rash, but it coul be just from using my exfoliation gloves and it doesn’t linger.

I hope you all really liked my top ten daily essentials! Stay tuned in for later this week, when I put up the other three posts that will go into a bit more detail on my daily routines. I tag all of you out there to do a post like mine and Danielle’s. I specifically call on Butterfly/Dragonfly to do a post like this. Are you up for the challenge? Leave your url in he comments below if you have/make a post like this, so that I am sure to read them. Or leave a comment response. Feel free to comment as always!

With Love,


4 thoughts on “Daily Essentials”

  1. Lol. I eyed this for two years, before I finally bought it on Amazon for 107 US DOLLARS. It was 50 to 100 US DOLLARS cheaper than what was being sold in stores near me and on the clarisonic website. I bought it through amazon fulfillment, so it was granted that it would be a real one and not a knock off. If you want me to write a full review about the Clarisonic, let me know!

  2. Lordy that’s a big drop down in price! I didn’t even realise Amazon Fulfilment was a thing. Head in the sand! I’d actually love if you could review it at some point – I’d be very interested to read that.

  3. Okay, sure! I’ll review it in a few days…or tomorrow with all of the details that I can think of including where I got it and the shipper and such. So stay tuned!

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