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Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Entertainment Weekly is here again. Once a week, I will talk about what show, movies, and books I am obsessing over and basically just have a lot of spoilers to try to start a discussion. I like to talk a lot about my favorite shows and what’s going to happen next and so on. So, be prepared for spoilers and if you haven’t watched these and plan to, I would say stop reading now! If you are like me and are obsessing over these shows, please comment with our ideas and opinions or even if you’re not, explain why. My list is always incomplete, because I watch so many shows, but I am trying to build up my resume as I go along!

TV Shows I’m Obsessing Over:

Pretty Little Liars:

Pretty Little Liars Complete Cast
Pretty Little Liars Complete Cast

This show just gets me every time. I cannot believe what happened on this week’s episode!  Wren is such a double crosser, but why? What did the girls ever do to him? Every person on the A team has a personal vendetta against the liars. The only thing I can think of is that Wren is in love with Hanna. I felt so bad for Ezra! His son isn’t even his son and the sad part is, the mother knew that to begin with. She took all that money from is mother and probably thought that she could get more from him. When Ezra needed Aria the most, she was out with her knew boy toy. I wonder if she would go back with Ezra now that he is childless? That is the reason why she left him in the first place. She didn’t want to be a mom, plus with A threatening her and all. Now, A is probably CeCe Drake, since Allie ruined her and thought that the other four were in on it as well. The season finale is next week and I am so excited! Are you?


Season 1 Poster
Season 1 Poster

Now that the video is out, will Lacey be publicly with Danny? Or will she turn on him? Probably turn on him, because she still wants to be miss popularity. I cannot believe the ending! It was super funny with that weird girl who remembers everything. LOL. I thought that the girls were overly harsh with Danny considering everything they went through with him and now they are just going to feed him to the dogs. It just doesn’t make much sense, just some added drama, which I find not totally realistic. Jo is still in love with Danny, though. So, maybe there is hope. I hope Danny doesn’t go to jail for the Regina murder. Why did he kill his aunt anyway?

Switched At Birth:


So much drama! YAY! I am glad for all of the drama again. I cannot believe how wild the Bacholorette party got and how Toby’s party went. I feel bad for Toby and Emmett, but now, he has a best man? Are the parents going to ruin Toby’s wedding or will he do that himself? Will Bay find ou that Ty and her father went against her and did nothing to keep him from the war? Will she understand? I have a funny feeling that she will be devastated and very hurt. I cannot believe that Regina backed out at raising the daughter with her “husband”. I guess, babies can get on people’s nerves, plus there is no do-over button like she said. I am looking forward to th season finale. I wonder what will happen to Delphine?

Project Runway:

New Season
New Season

I absolutely love the new season of Project Runway. It is all new drama and Tim Gun now has a save in the show. I cannot believe that he is now a cohost! I feel so proud of him that he was able to become not just a mentor, but a core part of the show. I am just happy that he is recognized as such now. I like the new cast and that there is more of a variety of people on it now. I love the new challenges. I don’t think this could ever get boring in my opinion. This is the only reality television show I watch, practically.

Movies I’m Obsessing Over:



I thought this movie was very hilarious and suggestive at times. I do not think it was a very good, quality movie, but I did enjoy it. There were some parts that left me confused, but those were far and few in between. I only watched it, because I heard so much about it and Zac Efron was in it. Let’s face it. I watch every movie that he stars in, because he’s a great actor and a looker. Hairspray didn’t impress me, but I enjoyed watching it with Danielle.



When Danielle mentioned this movie, I had to go watch it on Netflix. It was a very cute Teen movie that would be appropriate for young teens to watch. I found it more entertaining than Hairspray, but still, it was too young for me. I can definitely see enjoying this at a younger age though. This is a clean comedy for young teens. It will not disappoint. I loved Sara Paxton in this. I watch every movie she is in. I just love her as an actress!

Books I’m Into:

Fashionably Undead:


This is an audio book that Danielle gave me to enjoy. I have been reading it as I exercise on the Treadmill and I just finished Chapter 3. I really like it so far. It is very interesting and I love the narration. Meg Calbot is one of my favorite authors, so I am happy to be listening to a book I have never heard before by her. I like all the funny accents the narrator puts on in the audio book. This is definitely something different that I recommend.

Web Of Life Shamon Pathways Guidance for Your Life Journey:


I am rereading this book from scratch and having a go at the exercises as well. My computer crashed, deleting the review I had done on this. I promised the author a review by the end of this week, but I have been very busy. I will definitely have a review up by the end of the month. I am a quarter of the way through the book again. You need an open mind to be able to really read this. I do not recommend anyone Catholic or devotedly religious to read this, because you could be offended by the content. The book asks you to connect with a plant’s life force. If this is not your thang, don’t read it. I do really like the abstract concepts in this book, but even I don’t know if I really believe this stuff. This book mentions Wicca, which worried me a bit; however, it mentions nothing of witchcraft. 🙂

What shows are the rest of you loving? Anything I can add to my collection?

With Love,


FTC Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I am not being paid to promote these tv shows, movies, or books. I did receive Life Shaman Pathways Guidance for Your Life Journey by the author Yvonne Ryues in exchange for an honest review. No money ever exchanged hands and I recieved no other compensation besides a free copy for reviewing purposes.


4 thoughts on “Obsession Entertainment”

  1. I just finished this weeks Pretty Little Liars, and haven’t gotten to Switched at Birth yet. Hopefully tomorrow. I did feel bad for Ezra, because he still has feelings for Aria and she’s eating vegetarian burritos with Jake. I can’t believe you actually ended up watching Sleepover. It really is quite goofy, but when I watched it at 14 it was awesome. Steve and his boxer shorts were cute and then she gets the crown at the end. It was lovely.

      1. I liked that a lot, I just rented it from the library over spring break (of course it’s on Netflix now.) It gives you a bit to think about, I felt. But it was cute and funny.

  2. I have an interview tomorrow for a nanny job that would last a year 5 days a week from 9 to 5 paying 15 dollars an hour!!! I am super excited!! She wants me to start Tuesday this week!! If this pans out, I’ll be able to finish college! It has a year commitment that I can keep. I don’t want to gush too much about it. I don’t want to jinx myself.

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