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Healthy Living: September Exercise

Heya Aspring Gurus!

I thought I would also start a new segment on this blog since it will be my one year anniversary soon and I am trying to live a better, healthier life style. Now, until I move and have my own place, I cannot do a lot of healthy eating. Once I can shop for my own groceries, I will definitely let you know what I bought and what recipes I do. For now, I will satisfy with how I have been exercising in September. I usually pull out the workouts in Seventeen and do those. The September Seventeen exercises are the ones that I have been doing this month. My subscription recently ran out, so if I do not get the October issue in time (currently broke, I just started my new job and haven’t gotten paid), I will pull out the few extras that I have stock piled for that reason. So, what I have been doing is doing the following exercises twice a week (I am doing them today and I will include the exercises, if you are interested in doing them as well) and jogging on my treadmill the day before I do the exercise, the day in between the two days I do the exercises, and the day after the second exercise. I jog for 30 minutes and usually get two miles done. I have a hip defect, so I always have to take my time with exercising and not overdo it. I should mention that I am very fit and an athlete, so these exercises may be hard if you are first trying them out. I tend to be very sore, when I first try out the exercises, but by the end of the month my body is so used to it that I need to switch it up every month. I am 5’4″ and around 120lbs, which is 10lbs lighter than the weight that I am supposed to be at. These exercises keep my tummy trim, but does not build abs for me. It is not that kind of exercise. This just keeps me healthy and active. The following are the exercises that I have been doing and please, let me know if you like this and I am sure to build up on this series with yummy recipes and good for you food reviews!

1. High-Low Toe Tap:

A. With your feet a bit more than shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and jump (press through your heels when you jump to work your butt as well), bringing your arms up over your head.

B. Land in a squat and twist to the right, tapping your left hand on your right foot. Jump again and land in a squat, then twist and tap the other side. Alternate for 10 reps on each side (5 reps for each side = 10 reps) and rest for 15 seconds (or however much you need). Do 3 sets (3 rounds of 10 reps for a total of 30 reps).

2. Lunge Kick Back:

A. Step your left foot into a lunge, with your hands down at your sides.

B. Jump up, bring your arms overhead and kick your left leg behind you (it can be a small hop, you don’t need to jump high for this exercise to work). Land and dip back down into a lunge position. Complete 8 reps on one side and switch legs for 8 more. Rest for 15 seconds (or however much you need) and do 3 sets (that is 3 sets of 16, for a total of 48 reps).

3. Jumping Jog:

A. Bring your arms up as you would for a traditional jumping jack, but raise your right knee at a 90 degree angle.

B. Drop your hands down to your sides and bring your left knee up. Continue to alternate knees ( he faster you go, the more you get out of it) for 30 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds (or however long you need). Do 3 sets (so do this 3 times for 30 seconds).

4. Irish Jig:

A. Bring your right leg up, then cross it in front of you, keeping your left leg straight. Tap your ankle with your left hand, with your right arm raised (for balance and it works out your core).

B. Hop in the air and switch sides, so you are alternating arms and legs, go faster once you get the hang of it. Keep alternating for 30 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds (or however much you need). do 3 sets (of thirty seconds each).

Like this post if you want to see more from this series and let me know in the comments if you plan to join me in these exercises for the rest of the month. Until my next post!

With Love,


FTC DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own. I pay for every Seventeen issue that I get and I have taken the exercises from Seventeen and give them total credit for the exercises. I have included some of my own interpretation into the exercises for better understanding.


4 thoughts on “Healthy Living: September Exercise”

    1. Yes it is and boy was this a work out! It still gets to me at the end. I find these moves a bit trickier than they normally are but I’d rather have challenging ones than really easy ones that I never feel like I’m working out.

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