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The Retail Diaries: Day 12 & Shoutout to @fleurdeforce!

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I know it’s late, but I just finished watching all of my new youtube videos and the Katy Perry music videos that I never saw before. Both of those things I really loved today. I am particularly enjoying Fleur’s Vlogtober, I love her videos and these are just the best uncut videos of her just being her. Her youtube name if you don’t already know is Fleurdeforce. She is such a sweet inspiring woman and I love that she got married to Mike. He’s the perfect guy like my John. Maybe there will be wedding bells for me as well. Anywho, work went well today….or so I thought. Near the end of my shift is where I got into a wee bit of trouble. I’ll start with the goods first. I got my discount card to my work!!! It is 10% off all merchandise, but a whomping 25% of clothes and shoes!!! So, Danielle you may want to go shopping with me, if you are ever in the neighborhood or the next time we meet we can plan to do some shopping. You know where I work. She’s in the need to know. If I work there for 90 days, I’ll get an actual card card instead of a paper one. I’m actually looking into different jobs, now that I have lowered my car payment. I’m paying for it and my living expenses get picked up by my daddy. I just have to buy for all the things I want, the car, certain food items that aren’t necessaries, gas, and thats pretty much it. I don’t make a whole lot and I’m trying to save. But I think I’ll be working retail for at least the end of this year, so there are many more episode posts to go. Anyways, onto more good. I got my discount card early. I’m supposed to get it the 20th and then wait 90 days from there, but my bosses P and C were so enthused by me that I am offically unnew. It only took 11 days and now I’m considered one of the regulars! So happy. I really kinda wanna keep this job even if I get another and just work weekends or day offs that I get. I really like the discount…I keep on degressing, but that’s why you all love me! 🙂 I had a lady’s check get declined and she had to leave and come back to buy her purchases. The big thing that happened today was that this lady came in with a loaded car and started throwing items at me asking the prices of everything. She was asking and throwing things faster than I could work. She was very rude and inconsiderate. She asked another cashier to take her son to the bathroom. Then, she argued with me about prices, but I was very firm about not being able to manipulate prices. When I totalled her out, there were replacement plans that she could buy, but she couldn’t understand me. There was a tiny language barrier, but she was speaking perfect english BEFORE she came into my line. Then, she paid for her purchase and tried giving me two pennys for a donation. The minimum is a dollar and it’s virtual, not physical. Then, she got fustrated with me and said she was late for an appointment and left two items of her purchase. Basically, what she was trying to do was to swindle me out of money. She was trying to confuse me in order to confuse me enough to the point that I would give her more money…It didn’t work. My boss C talked to me and told me that if another customer makes me feel uncomfortable again, she would assist me and ask security to watch the cameras. Later, she told me that the lady was trying to steal people’s cell phones. She would ask to borrow their phone then try to walk off with the phone. So, that part of my day wasn’t fun but the rest was great! Until my next post!

With Love,



5 thoughts on “The Retail Diaries: Day 12 & Shoutout to @fleurdeforce!”

    1. Yes! Maybe in the next upcoming weeks. I have Sundays off all the time, but other days are shady. I have Tuesdwy off this coming week. I only know two weeks ahead at a time.

      1. I’m always either in school or doing homework on the week days, so Saturdays and Sunday afternoons are really the only times Im actually free anyway. Hopefully soon!

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