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The Final Verdict: Gillette

For Gillette Satin Care With A Touch Of Olay Sensitive Shave Gel

Gilette Shave Gel

What it is: Shaving gel that moisturizes as you shave, leaving legs silky smooth for days after shaving.

Key Ingredients: The only really good extra that was added in for extra moisture was the shea butter extract. Everything else is typical of shaving gel, including the not so great like panthenol. Okay, I lied. It also contains hydrolyzed silk, which explains why my legs feel so good after shaving and are never irritated anymore.

How it feels/smells/looks: The gel foams up into a lavish cream that feels silky smooth on my skin, which other gels that I have tried do not feel as luxurious and do not stick to my skin as well as this one. It smells a bit better than your average shaving gel, but still has that chemical artificial floral scent. It was still a nice change from the chemically fruity though. The bottle looks very luxe. It is gold with a nice swirly design. It is still your basic aluminum can and I wish it had a pump instead of being aerosol. I hate polluting the environment with unnecessary chemicals. I wish more companies would become environmentally conscious.

Why I like it: By far, this is the best shave gel that I have ever tried. It lets my blade glide smoothly over skin with zero nicks and it makes my legs feel amazingly smooth afterward. My skin is soft for days after shaving and is making me reconsider using only depilatory creams from here on out. I would repurchase this product, if they made this with a pump instead of aerosol in a can. It hurts the environment and is very wasteful. I really do like the product. They just need to repackage the product before I would repurchase.


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