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Rude Beginnings: Part 3


She sighed softly.

“Can I ask you something?”

Not waiting for a response, she inquired.

“You seem to think you’re dangerous. Why’s that?”

Yeah, he himself was seemingly dangerous, but why did he think he was? Who was he, really, anyway? Seemingly endless questions rang through her head. Felix cupped her face in his hand in a heartbeat so to say. His inhumane speed should seem disturbing and it was to most. But it was not to a diamond and its many facets and seemingly not to Jess. But Felix could feel her fear and he did not need to hear an erratic human heartbeat to know it. He pondered her question a moment, flexing his wings behind him looking like they came from an E. A. Poe story. His black bottomless eyes held no trace of color or held any answers. They were mirrors reflecting her reflection in a distorted way.

“You see what I can do. What more proof do you need? How many more answers do you seek? Answers can be just as dangerous if not more than questions, my Diamond.”

Jess debated this a silent moment, glancing back at his black wings before searching his face again. Yes, it admittedly did frighten her a bit, but she could deal with freaky things. But dealing with things, in her way, meant fighting or deleting them from her life. But something was strange—she found herself not wanting to do these things, the simple things she had grown accustomed to over the years. She knew he was fast, but she was too; she also knew that he could be scary, but then again, she could be pretty scary at times, too. Which was what pushed people away usually.

“I know.”

She sighed, her voice a breath of a whisper when she spoke. Felix’s lips were a whisper away from hers, when his breath caressed the cheek which he held surprisingly tender enough.

“You know nothing and everything. I am nothing and everything. This is why you are dangerous. This is why I am dangerous. This is why we are dangerous, my Diamond.”

A flicker of an eye lash and he stood an arm’s reach away from her and his warm hand gone from her cheek.

“You know nothing of me, yet you still linger. Why is that?”

He asked her a question of his own making, observing her as a prey would watch its quarry. Jess thought a moment before she responded.

“I…don’t know.”

She finally said, and it was true. She was confused as to why she wanted to stay with him. Why she wasn’t afraid of him anymore, even though she should be. Even though, she was probably completely oblivious to so many things about him, too many to count most likely, and why she was not leaving like she would usually do at this point. He made her confused. He was unlike anyone she had ever met before. He smirked, bringing lightness back into the situation.

“I’m that irresistible huh?”

His wings folded onto his back and with a foreign word, disappeared from view altogether after a light shimmer is seen in the air. His presence radiated warmth, but not as much as before and the darkness of his shadow on the ground fluctuated. It seemed to move of its own accord, mocking her every move. Felix offered her his arm, like in olden days gone past which gives one an inkling about how old he truly was or where about the true answer lies. Jess raised an eyebrow at his question, smirking slightly.

“Yes. Yes, you are.”

She replied jokingly, as she looked at his arm a moment before taking his arm, which she was a little surprised about. She wondered if he was older than she thought, maybe even older than her, but who knew? Were they going somewhere, she thought. His face revealed a true smile, before it was hidden beneath his common smirk as he walked her along the beach. His mind fought with him to be extremely rude with her, but for some reason, he did not want to be an a-hole right at this moment.


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