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Rude Beginnings: Part 4

“Where should we be off to, my Diamond?”

His shadow accosted hers and touched her shadow fondly…a little too fondly, if you catch my drift. Jess smiled slightly, thinking about where they could go.

“Uhm… We could go swimming. If you do that.”

She added, glancing at him. She reminded herself to ask him later why he called her that, since she was still wondering about that for some reason. But she decided she liked his real smile, seeing it before it had been covered by his usual smirk. His face mirrored a mock insulted look.

“I will readily inform you that I can indeed swim…without my wings present, if that is what you are alluding to. Do you see any wings? I don’t.”

Felix realized that he might have sounded a little bit a-holish then, so he quickly amended it.

“Do you swim? You don’t appear to get out much and not because of your skin coloring either. What I mean is you don’t appear very social.”

Becoming irritated with himself, realizing that he himself lacks the manners common amongst humans, he decided to stop speaking for a moment…

“What I mean is you should be better suited than I to blend in with mere mortals…so why aren’t you?”

Jess frowned when he said this. Of course she was not extremely social, since it was a general fact that humans have short-tempers, a general lack of patience, and did not like her much because of her attitude. But she was not going to say why she was called an outcast, so she simply said matter-of-factly.

“I don’t socialize much because most people are stupid and annoying. Why don’t you socialize?”

Felix took off his shirt, revealing tight muscles but no drool worthy six pack abs before answering lightly.

“I do not usually socialize with humans. When I do, it is mostly for entertainment and they are a good food source, but you know that. I mostly interact with my own kind and since we lack manners, it is a miracle how, generally, most of them find me more charming than arrogant. A real oxymoron, if you wish.”

He shrugged his shoulders and flexed them.

“Hmm. Your kind must have different opinions of you then.”

Jess mumbled, glancing at the water and ignoring when he said that she would know that humans are a good food source. She did not want to get into that argument, where she would explain she hardly feeds off humans and usually only drinks animal blood. But there was no use in mentioning that, since she doubted he really cared anyway. Felix nodded and let the water lap his toes.

“Aye. They do. They also don’t care much for me anyway. If I cannot be used as a tool, I am worthless. And the worthless charming fool seems to be my title back home, which is why I left it.”

He had not meant to say so much so soon about himself, so he wadded further into the water and dived in gracefully. Jess frowned, hearing this. Well, that sounded much different than the idea she had of his past in her head.

“Oh. I didn’t know that…”

She mumbled, as she walked a little out into the waves before swimming a bit in it. Her clothes were quickly drenched and were clingy, but oh well, she did not really care. Felix whipped his wet hair out of his eyes.

“What? Expecting some dark brooding tale? Aye…There is one…I don’t like talking about it though. I was told by a mortal once that that version garners more sympathy and is less cruel and dark. So I went with it. Why are you here at this school anyway?”

He floated on his back looking up at the sky lazily. Jess wanted to hear more about his past, but did not press the topic. Instead, she shrugged and tried not to show what she was thinking. She hated talking about her past, because she was forced to go into basically vampire school, except apparently it was an assassin academy her parents had tossed her in, so many years ago she lost count. But that was where…an issue occurred; she was kicked out and sent here.

“No reason.”

She mumbled, and swam underwater, so he could not ask her more about it. Felix, deep into one of his thoughtful moods, thought nothing of Jess’s evasion of his question.


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