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Chapter Two: Past Loves (Part 2)

“Mind sharing the tale?”

She asked him.

“Maybe, I shouldn’t. There is a reason why you are still talking to me and maybe that is it. But I am not in the habit of taking away free will, so I shall tell the tale.”

Felix cleared his voice and rolled his shoulders back.

“I am made from the dreams and nightmares of humankind. Made in their image, I walk the Otherworld, created to keep my kind locked up, but in time the veil between the two worlds started to thin and we slipped out. We have the grace of angels and the curse of Satan. I pity any Sith who fall in love with any human.”

Felix continued to speak.

“What am I?”

His eyes darkened to black once more. Jess stared at him a long moment, realization kicking in.


It was all she could seem to manage to say at the moment and looked at the table, because she was not sure where exactly to look now. So, that is what he is, she thought and sighed softly. Awkward silence ensued soon after this. Felix waited for her to say it out loud. He wanted to hear her say it. He needed to know the word laced with her tone and voice. If she said it, he would know how she felt about his species. How did he feel about hers? They were similar in a few ways, but mostly different. He did not hate vampires and he did not like them, but Jess defied his expectations of her and that intrigued him. Jess was different. Not just a vampire, but something special…something he could destroy, if he was not careful.


Jess said quietly. Well, at least now she knew what that actually meant, since before she was just guessing. They did have a little bit in common, but still several differences. She looked at him and saw his eyes were completely black and suddenly wondered if anyone else noticed this. Probably not, she thought. So many people were unobservant, but she was not used to seeing this. Felix nodded slightly. Her spoken word echoed in his mind as he quickly scanned over the context. She did not sound scared or fearful or happy or excited…She sounded…relieved… Was she expecting something worse? Or was she hoping that I would be a vampire just a little different from her, he thought. Felix guessed that he would never know as he threw listless glances at the menu and slapped it down, waiting for a waitress as he drew a bit of emotion from the girl that just entered.

“Aye. But enough about me. How about you? Any legends I should know? Anything special or different in your specie strand?”

Jess thought a moment. Well, there was that reform school that was meant for vampires, which hardly anyone knew about, but she decided not to say that. Then, about the line of vampires in her family, how they were generally stronger or somehow different in a way that she was not aware of yet; she did not think this was worth mentioning. So, she shook her head.

“I don’t think so.”

She mumbled.


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