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First Impressions: Palmer’s

For Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula With Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil For The Face

What it is: A facial oil that helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and aging skin.

Key Ingredients: There are so many good for you oils in this serum-like facial oil like rose hip, sweet almond, sesame, grape seed, coconut, macadamia, apricot, argan, camelina, and sunflower oil. It also contains retinol, Vitamin C, and cetesomate-E complex. I do not see anything bad in the list of ingredients.

How it feels/smells/looks: It is a clear, watery oil that is very moisturizing but greasy. It smells very strongly of rose hip, so if you are not a fan of roses, you will not like this fragrance. It is very smooth and velvety. I love the feel of it on my face. You only need a little bit to moisturize your whole face and it really makes my skin glow.

Why I like it: I love it, because every time that I use it, it actually seems to be improving the look of my face. It seems to be helping my acne and the scaring that came from it. I really need to buy the full-sized version of this serum/oil. It really seems to be a miracle worker for my skin type. I can only really recommend trying this product out for yourself and seeing how it reacts to your skin. The site is always giving out samples, so it shouldn’t be too hard to snag one up. There really isn’t more that I can say about the product, because I really have to try it for an extended period of time. All I can tell you is that every time I used this product it made my acne disappear and scars appeared less red.


3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Palmer’s”

    1. Not artifical. It’s made with rose hip oil. It smells like a real rose but a bit nutty. Not really strong or overpowering. Spoiler alert: I bought the full sized version. AND GUESS WHAT???????

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