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Auburn Mall Haul

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I bought a couple of things a few weeks ago for my new job and since I am in love with what I bought, I thought that I would still share them with all of you. I do not know if two items count as a haul, but I did get a great deal on all of these items. Here is what I got:

Sears Metaphor Carson 4204 in Purple in size 8 US Medium, Originally 29.99 USD, Paid 7.99 USD


These high heeled pumps were a definite steal for the price. I wear them once to twice a week. I am still at the spot of breaking them in and getting calluses on the spots that rub my toes. I need to get blister pads, so that I can be more comfortable in my own shoes. I also need to buy a pair of boots, possibly this Friday. Get ready for more hauls. lol.

Forever 21 Harleem Pant Long Wove in Burgundy/Black in Medium, Originally 14.80 USD, Paid 10.90 USD


I love, love, love these pants! They are super comfy and look very trendy. I love the bold tribal print. I usually pair them with a simple tee shirt top and a printed sweater. I am so not afraid of mixing contrasting prints that go together like plaid on plaid or plaid on tribal. Harleem pants are really like classy pajama pants that are acceptable to wear in public. Dani, you would loves these pants as well. I could see you pulling off the tribal print.

Well, that was my tiny haul. Are you guys enjoying Octoberfest?! I know that I am a few days behind, but I plan on catching up during the long weekend.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


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