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Chapter Three: Falling Hard

Felix ushered Jess inside and smiled at her.

“The coast is clear.”

“Yep, looks like it. I’ll be right back…”

Jess nodded slightly and walked further into the room. When she found her bathing suit in her unpacked bag, she glanced back to where Felix was.

“You’re gonna have to leave for a minute.”

Felix smirked and gestured towards Lolita’s room, the one with the enclosed bathroom.

“Help yourself.”

He slid of his shirt and dipped his feet into the pool in the middle of the room. A slide drained into it from above. She nodded and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her and changing into the bathing suit. She did not like bikinis, so she had a one piece. If she had to wear a bathing suit at all, it would be at least a semi modest one. She walked out and looked at the water.

“So this is the fun you were talking about?”

She smirked a little.

“No. This is the one I was talking about.”

He said as he picked her up and threw her in. He watched from the pool’s edge as she landed in the water with a smirk. Now this way fun, he thought, Very fun. Jess silently chided herself when she let out a small squeal as the chilly water engulfed her after he threw her in. When she came up to the surface of the water, she frowned at him.

“Yeah, so fun.”

She said sarcastically. He smirked at Jess and jumped in after her.

“The fun’s just beginning.”

He wrapped his arm around her as the wings made of feathers and inky shadows spread out across his shoulder blades. He flapped his wings against the water and air, and they hovered over the water. Felix pretended to walk on it.

“Ever flew before?”

Her eyes widened a little as they lay on the wings. Even if they did look a bit more, let me say, gothic, they were still…amazing. She realized he had asked her a question, and she snapped out of the fixation on his wings and shook her head.

“Not really.”

She replied, but her eyes widened again, when she looked down and saw they were flying…Well, hovering. Felix smirked.

“That’s good. My friend and I were under the impression that your kind turned into bats that could fly. You don’t really turn into a bat do you? Even though, that would be sort of amazing.”

He kicked the water at his feet and took them higher up into the room. He was planning to free fall with her later, but wanted her to take everything else in first before he scared the evil out of her…funny…’cause she is a vampire…sometimes he should not even tell a joke to himself. With his shirt off, the large clear crystal around his neck was visible, but before Jess’s very eyes, it turned blood red, then black as night and remained that way. Jess saw the clear crystal suddenly change its color, and then turn to black. Odd, she thought. It must have meant something, though, but she did not know what. She raised an eyebrow slightly at him, asking such a weird question.

“Uhm. Well…”

Maybe, she was the only vampire with this problem, but she had never turned into a bat and flew.

“Probably others do.”

She mumbled. It is not like she wanted to admit that she could not. That would be embarrassing. Felix exhaled a huge dramatic sigh.

“Thank Otherworld. This wouldn’t be half as exciting if you could have turned into a bat and fly away. I like that you’re not like other girls.”

He smiled and flew higher, until they reached the ceiling and hovered. The inky black shadows slinked towards Jessica, until Felix’s skin began to glow from within.

“Sorry, but I don’t think you would want them touching you. They like neither light nor heat.”

Noel produced both. Jess could not help feeling a bit relieved when he said this. No one had ever said that to her before, and she was not sure whether she should be worried or happy that he did. She tensed slightly, spotting the shadows. She had seen things like this before, but was not sure how to get them to go away. Usually they did not bother her. She was glad they left, though. Glancing once at the ceiling, she realized how high they were as she looked down at the water below. Felix bit his lip a little wickedly.


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