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Chapter Two: Past Loves (Part 4)

Felix smiled a little lopsidedly.

“Want to do something dangerous and fun? Take your mind off of all the human stuff you used to be able to do? I have an idea and yes, it’s reckless but man, it will be fun.”

He moved his hand away from hers as he talked unthinkingly. He wondered briefly if she will think that what they are about to do was fun or not. Her hand slid back down to her lap under the table as she looked at him a little questioning, wondering what this fun was and if his definition of fun was any different than hers.

“Uhm. Well, it depends what this ‘fun’ is.”

Jess said, raising an eyebrow. Felix shrugged his shoulders and continued to smile.

“You won’t know, until you agree to it. I promise that it will be fun, the human kind of fun, but better because we are not…human that is. Oh, and you need to bring a swim suit ’cause we are going to get wet…very, very wet.”

He bumped his knee against hers underneath the table, trying to get her to smile. She was too serious. Why was she so serious all the time, he thought, All I ever want is to have a lot of fun…especially with the opposite sex. Jess stared at him a long moment before she nodded.

“Okay, fine. I’ll go along with your surprise fun.”

She finally agreed, shrugging slightly. So, if she would need a bathing suit, it had to be somewhere with water, if she was going to get wet, right? Did they not already go swimming, though? Hmm, she thought. She did not really like surprises much, but it was better than being bored here all day so she agreed to it. Felix got up out of the booth and offered her his hand to get up to leave.

“It’s not the ocean, though. We aren’t going there. We’ve already been there. I was thinking more like trespassing into an amusement park for amusement. I don’t think you know of it, but if you do…well…I’d still want to go because I’m not invited. So let’s go to your dorm to get your suit.”

He winked at her full of charm. Jess looked at Felix, smirking slightly at the wink she received as she took his hand and stood.

“Hmm. Not as dangerous as I was expecting, but still sounds fun.”

She said, slightly teasingly as she followed him out of the pizza place and to her dorm to get her swimsuit. As Felix walked out with Jess, he watched Brooklynn’s face for her reaction before calling out.

“Happy Anniversary!”


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