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The Final Verdict: Lush

For The Butterball Bath Bomb


What it is: A luxurious fizzy bath bomb that makes the water silky smooth with moisturizing coco butter and softly vanilla scented.

Key Ingredients: I don’t like that it contains added fragrance. They could have added real vanilla and I don’t get why they didn’t. It also contains  coco butter, citric acid, and ylang ylang oil.

How it feels/smells/looks: The ball itself is quite large and very powdery. It is perfectly circular and smells faintly of vanilla and heavily of baking soda.

Why I like it: I can get two baths out of this bath bomb, which is very cost effective. It made my water very oily and moisturizing. The sent of vanilla did not carry in the water. It just smelled like baking soda, which was disappointing. I would pick up some more during the winter time, because I can skip putting on lotion after a bath. I hate shivering to slather on lotion.


4 thoughts on “The Final Verdict: Lush”

  1. This sounds neat but idk how I would feel about taking a baking soda scented bath. Though this reminds me I want to order from them soon. My current cuticle product is almost gone and didn’t work nearly as well as lush’s cuticle butter so I was going to repurchase!

  2. good review. I agree about lotion in winter, its tough, feels so cold to put it on no matter what in winter. somehow I used to take lots of baths but not lately. hmm.

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