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Sephora Haul: Oops, I Did It Again…

Heya Aspiring Guru!

I went to Sephora again, gurus! I love Sephora, if you cannot tell already! It is now my new obsession besides Lush that is and The Body Shop. I still love that store as well, even though I haven’t been there in a year. It isn’t that close by, not like Sephora is. I’m thinking about ordering online, but I love walking into a store and smelling and touching everything. Yes, I am one of those. I am planning another Lush haul for Christmas for Christmas themed goodies! Then, of course, my birthday will only be five months away and I’ll go to all three stores. I’m getting carried away with myself, though. I had a 10 USD gift card from, Yappem, so I thought that I would put it to good use. It brought my total with tax to bout 55 USD and I now have around 130 Insider points. I’m saving up for a 500 point perk, which is a makeup bag full of goodies. Here are the goodies I bought recently and yes, a much bigger bag.


Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape (a limited edition color), 0.095 for 13 USD (I used my gift card to justify this as 3 USD.)


This is the perfect natural flush shade that is impossible to overdue. Believe me, I tried for the swatch. The dark red jello cheek stain in this classy glass jar shows up on the skin as a genteel pink. I immediately popped it into my bag. The full size is a whopping 38 USD, so I was happy to get the mini to see if I really love it THAT much. I don’t usually spend a lot of money on makeup, since I don’t use it ll that often. I’m happy about this purchase, though.

Ole Henriksen Your Skin Is A Gift To Be Treasured Unwrap Your Radiance Collection for 48 USD, a 95.50 USD Value

gift collectionGift Collection

I needed to try other products from a different beloved line after realizing that my Sephora no longer carries the full sized versions of the Peter Thomas Roth kit that I bought. I decided to try these products for my hyper pigmentation and acne, since the sales associate said that many people buy it for this purpose and it works. I’ll breakdown the six products you get in this kit.

Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths Brightening, 10 ct.


Fleur from FleurDeForce on Youtube raves about these wipes, so I am excited to see what is all the fuss about them. I think that I will use these on the days that I just want to go to bed and cheat on my extensive beauty routine, especially since it states that they cleanse, brighten, and hydrate in one step. I could see why Fleur would love these. I hope I do, too! (FYI, these wipes are amazing, but I have some Yes To Grapefruit wipes that are half the price and just as good, except with grapefruit instead of oranges.)

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, 3.5 fl oz.


This smells like pure oranges. I love the scent so much. I will be using this every morning, until my other cleanser runs out. Then, I would be using this in the morning and at night. I cannot wait to see, if this helps my skin. This stuff foams up a ton and lathers my whole face in thick bubbles.

Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment Overnight Resurfacer, 0.5 fl oz

Treatment gel

I have a beauty oil that I love for at night, but for those nights where I want to use something with glyolic acid, this would pair perfectly with it. This clear gel is a miracle worker. It has totally changed my skin and is smoothing down the bumps that strangely appeared on my face and neck. I have been using this for two weeks constantly and my face and neck are almost totally clear from acne and from the bumps. Glycolic acid and retinol deactivate each other making both products useless, so be mindful of your pairings when you mix product lines together.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Oil-free Perfecting Creme, 0.5 fl oz


I know people online have been raving about this product for its moisturizing properties. I would stick to using this during the day, because my face does not need extra moisturizers at night to layer multiple ones. I’ll let you know if this is as oil-free as it says it is. This sinks in quickly and has a slight pearl sheen. The pearl sheen has an illuminating property, but does not make an oily girl look oily. I really like this light moisturizer.

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil, 0.5 fl oz


Since this is an oil, I will be using it only at night most likely. I will try it on a weekend to see if it makes my skin oily. Hopefully, I will see if it helps my skin. I already have an oil that I love, so I’ll see how this measures up to it.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster, 0.5 fl oz


I will be using this only in the morning as a skin booster. I am really hoping to be blown away. Here’s to dreaming of beautiful skin. I cannot wait to try everything that I have bought!

Have you gone to Sephora lately?

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


14 thoughts on “Sephora Haul: Oops, I Did It Again…”

    1. Well you do have Primark which I heard is similar to a Sephora and Lush there is so cheap! I brought a whole empty suitcase with me and I snuggled a bunch back to the US. My boyfriend took me to see his family in England for two whole glorious weeks in 2010. I’m planning a trip to Greece with my dqd and boyfriend and there are a lot of London and Paris layovers. It’s gonna take us a day to get to Greece. It’ll be worth it. It’s part of my 2015 resolutions.

  1. Do you go the the Sephora within JC Penny, or does your mall have an actual store? I went to the one in my JcPenny to get my birthday reward, but its quite a small store. I hardly ever shop there, but they have cute seasonal things if I remember.

  2. I love Sephora. Though mostly just online, my nearest Sephora is 30 min drive away (though there is a Sephora inside JC Penney about 15 min away but less stuff and different a bit). I mostly shop online currently at amazon and sephora. overall sephora is great, various perks, great return policy, fun samples, etc.

      1. yes! though really I already have tons of gifty stuff. but well, I guess I’ll be generous this xmas. my family does still do gifts. and I have a few friends too who like exchanging gifts. and some I’ll save for bdays. and of course, some stuff is just for me to use.

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