25 Days of Christmas

Christmas List For Her

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I am back with a gift guide for her. I know that most of my viewers are girls, who don’t need help in this department, but these are just some of the things that I will be getting my friends for Christmas. I thought that I would share my ideas with all of you. You do not have to like my ideas, so please add some suggestions to this posts in the comments sections below. It might help someone out there make a decision.

1. Perfume:

Every girl wants perfume and could never have too many. I am that kind of girl. I don’t care if it’s the cheapest perfume or the most expensive as long as it smells nice! I’m not a perfume snob and one of my favorite Christmas time perfumes is called Vampire by Fantasies, which is a knockoff brand. I do not know what scent though that Vampire knocks off. I think it might be an exclusive scent by the company.

2. Clothes & Accessories:

Girls love clothes and I love jewelry as well. There is the really big statement necklaces trend, which I am totally on-board with. I also totally need more pairs of shoes! I only have like a few pairs, because I wore out most of my collection. It makes me sad, but now, I can justify spending a pretty penny on the latest fad. Kmart has buy one, get one for a dollar! So, I might just get two pairs of shoes, because I have my eye on a 50 dollar pair. If I get two, they would be 25.50 USD. I can totally live with that price.

3. Entertainment:

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you know that she is into it. Weather she’s a gamer or a book worm, you cannot go wrong with cds, movies, series, games, electronics, or any accessories of that nature. I’m hoping for a few cds and a few games, not just the Sims. I love board games as well, which is really fun to play with my dad who is a stickler for the rules. Lol. He’s actually the biggest cheater I know.

4. Food:

Seriously. Gourmet chocolate and the finest teas? Sign me up please! As long as the chocolate is dark, I don’t care about the brand. I’m not a tea snob either and love trying different kinds when I visit D. I know D wants tea for Christmas and she just might see it…or not. There is really not many tea gift sets out there. There are plenty of coffee and food options though.

5. Beauty:

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with buying a girl something beauty related. It could be a hair brush, hair ties, or some new shampoo. A girl needs lots of stuff and the more stuff she has, the more stuff she wants. lol. It seems that way to me. The more stuff I have, the more I want new stuff, but don’t let myself buy anything until I purge some of it. This way, you can spoil her with new guilt-free goodies. I think my dad is going to be buying me stuff like a hair brush and head bands, because I’m always complaining about not having enough options.

Personally, I welcome any gift, but this hopefully gave you a better understanding of what girls want.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


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