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November Favorities

Heya Aspring Gurus!

I have a few unfavorites, before I start my favorites post. My first unfavorite is that my stupid Kindle Fire decided to die when it did. I had to go through half on my savings, only to freaking discover that a few days later, that my stupid car would get air stuck in the radiator. My dad cannot get the bubbles out, so it’ll have to go to a friend’s shop and possible cost HUNDREDS of dollars. There goes my Christmas, really. I’m still buying gifts, but small ones. No decorations or Christmas tree. Maybe, I’ll buy some decorations on clearance for next year. It’s really been a crappy month, except Thanksgiving was amazing! I loved spending that time at home relaxing and not having to worry. Now, I have to worry about how I’m gonna get to work. Public Transportation? I’m still gonna have to walk over a mile with busy traffic (no sidewalk) to get to work to pay for those repairs. So messed up and it just keeps coming.I hope you guys have a better month, because it looks like a crappy December.

At least, I have a new Kindle Fire and Lush goodies to keep me warm at night.

And look, I’m not saying that I’m ungrateful for the life that I have, because I am. My life this past year, has just been a bit messed up with not being able to finish college or ever having the chance to go back part time never mind full-time, having to get a job to pay to move out on my own way, for having lived so many years in an abusive mother-daughter relationship, and now, my frigging car is basically useless until I pay to get it fixed. I just wish for some miracle from God to make it just a little bit better. And you know what? He did, because He gave me a full-time job that I love doing and that pays well. I just need another miracle of it not being so much money to fix the car.

Now, that I am done with this tirade, I don’t really have any favorites this month. I had a holiday favorite and I love my new Fire (post to come soon). I just received my Lush goodies, so there will also be that. I’m still excited for Christmas, because it is my favorite time of year. I really want it to snow on Christmas Eve, though. Oh, and did you know that Jesus was really born in July? So, He must have loved winter, if He wanted everyone to think that He was a Winter baby instead of a Summer one.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


6 thoughts on “November Favorities”

  1. It stinks that all of this had to happen now, but things will eventually work out. They always do (this is what I’ve also been trying to tell myself about my science ordeal. My lab finals are tomorrow and I’m worried because I basically still can’t remember the names of all the different phylums of things.) But I do have to say, I did laugh a little to read this whole favorites post, only to get to the end and see that there were no favorites. I only had one or two for november and am debating doing it. Also, do you have any meg cabot books you haven’t read? Am trying to decide what to get you, but do not want to get you something you’ve read already.

    1. lol. At the end of it all, I just realized that nothing really stood out to me after talking about all the scrappy things that happened. Thanks. I’m hopeful that things will eventually go right after going all wrong. I haven’t read pants on fire nor any of the all American girl books. I’ve only read up to book 3 for the princess diaries I think. I’ve read the abandon trilogy and airhead. I haven’t read her adult vampire series. Insatiable I think it’s called. You’ve read more Cabot books than I have that’s for sure.

  2. Cars are so expensive. Any time something breaks on mine, its at least $500 to fix it (often much more). Sorry about the financial stuff, its rough when money gets tight. Is public transit not great in your area? Its not in mine at all. I used to live somewhere with good public transit and basically you did not need a car at all which was nice.

    1. Horrible public transit and I don’t live in the greatest part of town. Luckily my car was only 130 to take out the air bubbles from the thermostat getting swapped out. So Christmas is back on!

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