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My Very Merry Christmas Tree

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

So, this is my first ever post using my Kindle fire and I just discovered a brand-new feature about it too. There is this microphone picture button that you press and when you would do, you can actually talk into your Kindle fire and it will write whatever you say. It’s really accurate too. It messes up sometimes and has a bit of grammatical errors, but it’s really good for the most part. If any of you out there are considering purchasing the Kindle fire, I would do so. Many features on this is amazing. And there’s still more that I am discovering every day. It is like an adventure. And I realized that if you say the words for the punctuation, it actually does that. It’s weird because the word guru somehow makes a period as well.


So, I got a little bit of Christmas shopping done today. I bought a few things for my animals Serena, Eva, and Shadow. I got some things for my dad as well. And finally got a Christmas tree! I bought wrapping paper that has two dogs and it also has a little kitty with a Santa hat. I will show it  when I make my blog post about how to wrap your Christmas presents, even the awkward ones.

I know I know. That I haven’t really made any Christmas themed posts yet . And I know that I am also behind in the 25 days of Christmas blogging event, but I plan on catching up like I always say and in the end, I always do.

So, let me tell you what is coming up this week on my blog. On Monday, I will have a blog post and it’s either going to be a Manicure Monday post or it is going to be a book review. On Tuesday, I am either gonna have a book review post or I am going to show what I bought for my pets haul. On Wednesday, it’s going to be my regular sample Wednesday . On Thursday, it’s going to be my normal quick tip Thursday. On Friday, I’m either going to do a Lush hall or how to wrap your presents video. On Saturday, I will do another haul. On Sunday, I will have an Ipsy unbagging for you. And that is what’s going on this week. I hope you enjoyed this week of blogging and I’m hoping for much more for next week, since it’s gonna be Christmas soon. As always, thanks for stopping by and taking time to read this post. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

I added candy canes! It was looking a bit sad.

With Love,

Selena Hannah XOXOXO


3 thoughts on “My Very Merry Christmas Tree”

  1. lovely tree! sweet pets too. 🙂 oh so good to know about the kindle fire. I have an older one, not that old, it said it had an update applied, hope it now has that voice thing cuz sounds awesome.

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