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Eh, It’s No Boring Monday.

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

So, instead of writing a Manicure Monday or posting that book review (don’t despair! It’s going up tomorrow.), I have been busy playing with a Nancy Drew game that I bought for myself for Christmas. I am playing Nancy Drew & The Haunted Carousel. It is mystery number eight in the series. It is really fun and once I beat it, I will be reviewing it. It is going to take me a while to finish it though. It could possibly take months, no joke. I don’t have a lot of free time. Would you guys be interested in gaming reviews? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I’m tired and want to get back to my game on this tiring Monday. Personally? I’m dreading having to type up that long book review tomorrow, but I know that your thoughts on it will be worth it. I want to share my book love with the world. Spoiler alert! I actually really liked this one, so stay tuned.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

9 thoughts on “Eh, It’s No Boring Monday.”

    1. I get it. I have to actually send the game back, because it keeps saying the my computer isn’t compatible and shuts down. I’ve played other Nancy Drew games on this lap top before, so it must be the discs.

  1. I’d be interested to hear about your games. I see though from your reply to the comment above that the game isn’t working right. bummer! does happen though. I have had games do odd things like work fine but only for half of the game then get stuck. typically they were used games though that did that and just ones for my laptop (have had fewer issues with ps3 games overall).

    1. I’m talking with another customer on amazon. I tried contacting the seller, but they haven’t responded. They have until tomorrow to contact me. Then, I’ll file a claim with amazon if they havent.

      1. Ok, my experience is amazon will have your back, you will get money back (and likely they will issue you a free label to ship the item back). Here’s a few things that happened to me with gaming stuff though: 1. got a PSP that had a game. it did not work. I contacted the seller. Seller had me look carefully at the game, and yes it had a thumbprint on it! so they told me how to wipe it off using a cloth like the ones you use for eyeglasses. that fixed it. they apologized, sent me some freebie stuff for my trouble. PSP perfectly fine, I used it plenty after that, later sold it though via craigslist. Another time, played Gran Turismo 5 a bunch but was stupid and got fingerprints all over the important side of the disc. So it finally didn’t work. I saw how I mishandled it, wiped/cleaned it, then it worked fine again for many more hours. The other ones though, cleaning didn’t work, I have no clue why this one game only let me play half of it (cute kiddy type game called Spore). for that one, way too late to return it but I think I sold it anyhow but stated it only worked for halfway. or maybe I gave it away. I forget. also, PSP games are designed poorly with an open part where its easy for a fingerprint to get on the disk. Nintendo DS and 3DS games are not like that at all, better design. I will say that PSP seller was good though, replied to me super fast.

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