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QTT: A Nose In Need Deserves A Lush Bath

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It is that time of year again!

Eve: What year is that mom? Serena: Yeah, mom. What year is that?
Eve: What year is that mom?
Serena: Yeah, mom. What year is that?


Yes, you named it: flu season. While I do not believe that I have the flu, I am under the weather with a cold (stuffy nose and sore throat). What I discovered yesterday is that two products from Lush clears up the sinuses before bed in no time. I used half of a Cinders Bath Bomb and the combination of the scent/steam really unclogged my nose, while Hot Toddy in the shower cleared it further. I could actually BREATH through my nose. I was amazing! I’m gonna use some Hot Toddy as a bubble bath, since it is a lot stronger than Cinders. I am going to post up my Lush haul this weekend, so you all can see everything that I bought. Do not worry, it is coming. I’m thinking that I might add an extra post tomorrow about my first impression about the new Kindle Fire. What do you guys think? And as always, thanks for reading Quick Tip Thursday, where I write a tip and a small little rant each week.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


7 thoughts on “QTT: A Nose In Need Deserves A Lush Bath”

    1. Cinnamon to the extreme. I left work two hours early today. I feel sick and very congested. Not posting today. Don’t feel up to it. If I feel better tomorrow Ill put up three posts. My lush post, kindlepost, and a rant. Lol.

      1. Today is a God sent. I’m feeling so much better! My other ND games came in so I’ve been playing that this morning. I’m working on putting up my Lush haul right now to really describe everything that I bought not just super cinnamony. I’m going shopping tomorrow for wrapping supplies so Ill probably have a wrapping haul / decorations tomorrow. I’m super pysched for the holidays!!

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