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First Impressions: MJCARE (Sample Wednesday Came Early)

For MJCARE Sea Weed Essence Mask


What it is: A sheet mask soaked in essence that is supposed to make skin elastic, moisturized, clear, and relaxed (They make the same claim no matter the product/type of mask).

Key Ingredients: The Good: water, algae extract, aloe leaf extract, witch hazel, and a handful of vitamins. The Bad: fragrance, propylparaben, and methylparaben. Also, I want to know if this is made in North or South Korea, before I repurchase it.

How it feels/smells/looks: The sheet mask has a light delicate scent that disappears once it sits on your face for a bit. When you first put on the mask, it feels slimy and cooling. It feels very relaxing as well. It makes me look like a masked serial killer though. Lol. I had a lot of fun with this highly moisturizing mask. It is a time commitment though, because some weekends, I just do not have two hours to unwind and relax. For me, it takes that long for my skin to absorb all of the goodness.

Why I love it: I may not love how long the process takes, but I love how relaxed this mask makes me feel. I feel like this mask really did relax me bumped up the clarity of my skin and without a doubt, made my skin moisturized without being oily. It depuffed my skin, but plumped up my skin in a really good way. My skin did not get oily that day or the day after. On a whole, I would say that my skin was less oily on average that week, which is a vast improvement. Next time I watch a movie, I will definitely pop on another one of these face masks.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “First Impressions: MJCARE (Sample Wednesday Came Early)”

  1. Interesting. I am going to guess it is made in South Korea. North Korea is on sanctions from the USA officially. You have to do some extra junk to even be able to export from there. Further info on that is on the treasury dot gov site. Also, I’ve seen various beauty type stuff show up in beauty boxes marked made in south korea. also if it says Made in the Republic of Korea, that is South Korea. North Korea has a different, longer official name that is ironic to me because it includes the word “democratic”.

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