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Dream Books Rant: A Seller On Amazon

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I promise that I am not always this negative or unlucky. I bought Nancy Drew Double Dare 2 from Dream Books Company. I was super excited when it came in way earlier than expected. It was a nice surprise! The bad? When I opened up the package, it was only the outside sleeve with a cardboard casing inside and the discs were in paper sleeves. I shrugged it off and decided to put them in my computer anyway. I mean, I did buy them used. Well, when the run box came up, it said that the source was “unknown” and not from “Her Interactive” like it usually says. Then, the games would not download, because my system was not compatible. However, I have Windows 7, which is compatible with even the first ever Nancy Drew game. So, I knew that these discs were frauds. It possibly didn’t have any game content to download. At this point, I am very disappointed, so I contact the company about sending different discs or a refund. I hear nothing for THREE DAYS. Once I filed a claim, they had responded and refunded my account in TWO HOURS. They also told me not to send the games back to them. I think that the fact that they did not want the games back is evidence that they knew they were sending fraudulent games to customers. I cannot condone their business practices, so I wanted to warn all of you here. Their seller profile can be found HERE. Please, boycott this seller! I would not recommend buying anything from them, if you are looking for quality items.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


8 thoughts on “Dream Books Rant: A Seller On Amazon”

  1. you should definitely chat to amazon about this if you have not already. they don’t like counterfeit items being sold. I bought some printer ink that was in this category of things. I did have to return it, but did not have to pay to ship it back. I was curious so checked now. That printer ink seller has nothing for sale anymore so maybe was banned? Their feedback has many printer ink negative comments actually, it was not just me. You can also leave the seller feedback (1 star, 2 stars, etc) and state what occurred. If you already left feedback, you can revise it actually as long as it was done recently. I will say I agree that those discs sound like fakes of some sort. Perhaps bootlegs or just blank. Even a used game typically comes with the original packaging. A hallmark of a fake game is no packaging. I suppose reporting it further would involve letting the game company know all about this (depends how mad you are and how much time you have, but that should not take long really). Looks like that seller you are talking about does not have much for sale actually when I looked just now. I’m not sure how they got over 2000 ratings really (that can be done easily and in a fake way really by giving out freebies in exchange for reviews. there is another seller doing that currently which is questionable to me.)

    1. Amazon is looking into the company and says they have already stopped them from selling most games, since many people have had problems with their games like not getting the right one and the company does not respond fast enough or gives people the runaround. Her Interactive says that it is impossible for them to stop all fraud on their games, but they will look into it. I told them they could have the discs. They wanted pictures. I sent them and they said they are probably original discs that were wiped clean after the downloading segment. Sending the discs to them would not be worthwhile for them. I’m glad Amazon too my claim seriously. They are a great company.

      1. I agree, amazon is very good with customer service. I feel quite safe purchasing there. Mostly no issues, but all issues I ever had were resolved easily. Its good that seller won’t be able to sell any more games.

      1. good. oh, about Lootcrate and games. I have a code for a free PC only type game (can’t use it, I have a mac) from Steam. Steam you download their basic thing for free, code is for Street Fighter Arcade edition. This is not similar at all to the games you like though. long shot me telling you this. you can have it though. Street Fighter is, as you would assume, a fighting type game but not gory. Its a one on one fight (but single player) that you fight with various moves, etc until KO (knock out). not amazing overall, no story in my opinion, but well it is what it is. just in case. fine if you don’t want it. if you ever get a PS3, the best story type games are Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls (some adult themes in both tho, rated M). those are QTE heavy and easy to play as well (I got 100% for the trophies and I’m a crappy gamer).

      2. I’ve liked some RPG’s too. the ones I mentioned are not RPGs though, but do have great stories. I guess a couple I liked were Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2. I meant to try out the Final Fantasy series. For PC, I guess technically Torchlight (PC/Mac) was RPG but not a big story for that one, fun but long so I did not finish it as I got bored (still played it enough though).

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