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A Lush Bath In Pictures: Northern Lights

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Just a quick few words about these pictures. This is a time lapse of a few seconds to a few minutes for the bath bomb. I used a quarter of the bath bomb for my bath. I might use half next time, but I think that a quarter was plenty enough for my tub. See the results below. Have a Happy Christmas Eve!!!








With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


21 thoughts on “A Lush Bath In Pictures: Northern Lights”

      1. I will. 😛 The website was terrible to use though. It took me quite a while to put the things I wanted in my basket, then it deleted things, and then actually completing the order. I’m surprised it didn’t completely crash.

      2. She’s in a movie called Not Cool and I just found out. Not sure I want to spend four bucks to buy it tho. I really like her music parodies. She’s so funny but a bit raunchy. I just thought to ask since you watch this A.American pie movies and this one is a spin-off.

      3. I suppose if you really hate it you could contact customer service and tell them you’re dissatisfied. I’ve never seen this though and don’t know a ton about it. It will probably be pretty disgusting though. lol.

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