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QTT: My Beauty Ban Year Experiment

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I have decided to devote QTT (Quick Tip Thursday) to my new beauty experiment: a beauty buy ban. I am not going to be buying any excessive beauty products for a whole YEAR. Yes, a whole year!!! QTT will be about resisting the temptation of buying products that you don’t need or not yet need. I knew that I could only do this type of ban if it was ll or nothing. A year is also a good experiment length of time and I know that it will be a trying time as well. I have decided that I needed a few rules to get started and that I can create more as I go along. Feel free to join me in my year beauty ban and let me know if you do in the comments! Okay…..so, here are the general rules of thumb:

  • No buying anything beauty related if you already have it at home.
    • Love that new soap? NEED IT NOW!
      • Nope, you still have a bar at home and you just bought two from your biyearly Lush haul.
        • Money Saved!
  • Finishing off a beauty product gives you a credit to buy another one of the same product.
    • Finished off a lip gloss and now I have a credit for a lip gloss.
      • SPARKLY! And, I can have it. SCORE!
  • Finishing off body wash does not qualify you for a credit if you already have bottles of it on your beauty shelf.
    • Same goes with lotion and body mist and body scrub.
  • I cannot buy any beauty product if I already have something like it.
    • No primer…you can buy one.
      • Night time lotion? You only need one kind of lotion and you have that nightly repair gel, so use that with your day time lotion.
    • The only exception is perfume: but you can only buy perfume, if you finish one off and earned a credit.
  • Finished off your stack of shower gels and one your last one?
    • You can binge buy a few if you are using a coupon and getting a great deal on it.
  • No frivolous purchases EVER!
    • It’s a henna tattoo kit!
      • No, you don’t have the skills to do tattoo work that could last months.

So, these are just a few rules that I have for my beauty ban, but I could always add more as I go along, if I feel the need to. This will be a weekly progress update and I’m starting today. It feels really liberating and hopefully saves me some cash to buy some of my resolutions like a car and home decor. I usually spend 100 USD a month on beauty. Now, I’m probably looking at 20 USD at the most. I could also be down playing this number, because I think that I buy a lot. Anyways, this is my big plan or the new year. So, should I change the name of QTT? I am thinking about renaming it NBT (No Buy Thursday)? Or is that too deceiving? It seems like I’m saying I don’t buy on Thursday. Opinions, please! Give a girl a hand. Thanks for reading! Are you planning on a different beauty plan this year? I’d love to hear about it.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


21 thoughts on “QTT: My Beauty Ban Year Experiment”

  1. I am planning a similar thing myself. I’ve been really good about not buying shower gel and lotion, but I still have a ton. I’m skipping out on all the semi-annual sales even though I don’t want to. But I’m also banning myself from buying any more liquor, chap sticks. My room is just so cluttered and I’m not throwing away stuff I still plan on using, yet since I store my belongings only in my room, it’s hard. I have to start better budgeting my spending. My graduation will be here before I know it and it would be ideal to have a decent sum saved up.

    1. Those semi-annual sales are a killer on your wallet. I just went shopping for clothes and got a few decent pieces, because of the Forever 21 sale. I got two pairs of pants, a dress, and a light tunic sweater for 88 USD, which was a really great deal considering their prices.

      1. Really. If the things were better quality I wouldn’t mind, but the stuff doesn’t last very long. I usually just try to get clothes on sale at tj max or kohls. The clothes are well made usually.

      2. Everything that I have from walmart just wears out so fast. Same with all the dream out loud stuff I got at kmart. I have one shirt that has taken on an odd shape from being washed so many times, but I got it on clearance for $1 and they’re okay to work (clean) in.

    1. Thank you. I gave it a lot of consideration. I need to start saving for things that I really need. I can cut a few corners on beauty needs since I don’t really need anything. I have many backups.

  2. That plan sounds great!
    I don’t think I will have any thing like it this year, because I usually use up my products before I buy new ones (and I’m sort of still experimenting with all the makeup I already own). But I still think it’s a great idea and I might do something similar in a year or so.
    Also; you will get that car, I’m sure of it! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I made those peppermint sugar cookies and they were amazing! They didn’t look pretty though, so I didn’t blog about it. I’m making cinnamon buns tomorrow that I will blog about. I’ve made them before, so they should come out looking pretty.

      1. It doesn’t always have to be pretty to taste delicious. But that sounds amazing anyways! I look forward to reading about your cinnamon buns πŸ™‚
        I did also bake the other day, I did apple-muffins and they didn’t really look all that good, but they tasted like apple pie, so I’m super happy about them too!

      2. And much healthier than apple pie too probably! I love apples! My favorite are Granny Smith apples. They are tart and juicy, reminds me of DKNY Green Be Delicious Perfume.

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