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Beauty Ban Wk #1

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

My progress has been really great for the first week. I haven’t bought anything beauty related for myself and I have been shopping my stash. It has given me ideas about different posts to do like I want to do a post about my perfume of the month. I tend to rotate my perfumes once a month in order to use them all up equally. Sometimes, I’ll have two different perfumes going on in a month, if I’m going on a lot of dates or outings that call for different perfume. So, I think I’ll add a series about my perfume of the month. It will be a part of the beauty ban series. I’m also thinking about posting the items that I am shopping in my stash, when I open up a new product. I think that would be progress towards my beauty ban. Would you guys be interested in that? I’m trying to be more creative with my posts and not being stuck in the same rut, you know? I am definitely planning on a What’s in my Purse, What’s in my Shower, What’s in my Medicine Cabinet (not medicine!), Evening and Morning Skincare routine posts, Spend a Pamper Night With Me, Love Me or DIY, and some others that I haven’t made up names for yet. Do you want to see me to a particular type of post? Let me know! I always take suggestions seriously. I didn’t feel the impulse to buy this week, but I did receive my December Birchbox on Monday (unboxing video to come). That may have tided me over with getting new things without going out and buying “things”. If you bought ANYTHING, satisfy my craving by telling me what in the comments’ section or better yet, link your blog haul posts so I can live vicariously through you.

With Love,



9 thoughts on “Beauty Ban Wk #1”

  1. I would pretty much read any/all of that, though I’m sure you know that already. I bought some nail polish, though that is it for now. This website has a really good deal once a year, 3 polishes free, all you do is pay shipping. And this year it also included a set of 3 mini polishes. Considering the polishes go for $8 or so, it’s a good deal. But now that I’ve done that I’m going to start saving my money. There is a collection of clothes coming out in target in the spring that I want to have a lot of money for.

      1. Yes they do. It’s being released in the middle of the week I think, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some stuff. It seems like things that sell out at targets in other areas are usually in stock at the ones near my house. idk why.

  2. That sounds cool. I like your ideas for the blog post titles. I have not bought that much recently. I did get some books from amazon (just 2). My other purchases have been food. Birchbox is sending me some sort of freebie though (a keychain) for being a customer for a “long” time. Of course, they wanted me to buy some stuff too, but I did not and just had the order be for the free keychain (and it had free shipping as well).

    1. That sounds like a good deal! I wonder how nice the keychain will be. I just subbed to Birchbox and got two packages from the postoffice yesterday. I’m gonna open one today and take a peek!

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