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Birchbox Man: December Impressions

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

My dad’s Birchbox Man came in yesterday along with my Birchbox December and Birchbox January box. I think his Birchbox January ships out more towards the middle of the month. I wanted to pamper my dad for all of the things that he does for me and for everything that he has been through. He continues with his great fight with liver cancer and he never buys anything for himself. I want him to enjoy life as much as possible and make his days just a bit brighter. This subscription costs 20 USD a month and a little extra depending upon your states taxes. My total turns out to be 21.25 a month. He was very willing to let me treat him to this at least for two boxes, so he can see if they really send him stuff that he would use. So, here is his first impressions of the box and a bit of commentary from me. Everything he says will be in quotes.

Birchbox Man DecemberBirchbox Man December

December CardDecember Card

He loves the reusable packaging and the card that comes with it. He’ll know how to use all the products and what they are without having to decode it by reading the tiny print on the bottles. He didn’t read the card, though. He wanted to be surprised when he opened it up.

Capsule Collection Zipper Case by Nick Wooster, 38 USD:

Zipper CaseZipper Case

This makes the whole box worth the money already. It is such an amazing buy. My dad immediately put his electric trimmer in this case with all the attachments. He is proud that he can now be organized and not lose all of his things. His cancer causes forgetfulness, so keeping things organized is a must. Here is what he had to say about it:

[The zipper case] is really nice and it is a neat case. It feels expensive and it is something I never would have bought. I just don’t think about things like that and it was a lot of money. I never would have spent that much.

Exfoliating Body Bar by Baxter of California, 1 oz for 2.29 USD

Body BarBody Bar

I just bought my dad an exfoliating body bar for Christmas by Tree Hut that he absolutely loves, so I know that he was excited when he saw that this is an exfoliating bar as well. A full sized bar is 7 oz for 16 USD, so if he loves it, I will splurge and get him one when I do a birchbox order. I mean, I bought an 8 oz Fresh soap for 18 USD. I love that soap and huge bars last for MONTHS.

I am excited to try it, because of the other bar that you bought me. It really scratches my itchy skin, but also leaves it feeling soothed and moisturized. You know I have an itching problem, because of the chemo. This satisfies my itch, but is like aloe as it makes the itch lessen after use. It smells nice as well like my Old Spice deodorant.

Sage Styling Cream by (Malin + Goetz), 1 oz for 5 USD

Birchbox 008

My dad likes to have a light hold on his hair, because it is curly and wild. I don’t know how often he will actually use this, but I know that he will try it and use up the sample. Only time will tell if he loves it enough that he would want me to buy it. He wears hats most of the time, so I’m not really sure. This one is really up in the air.

I will try the hair cream, but I’m not too into primping in front of a mirror. If it holds my curls well without frizzing out, I think I’ll like it. Not too excited about it. I like styling wax better I think, but I don’t know. I’ve never tried anything like this before.

Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash by Kiehl’s, 1 oz for 3.24 USD:


I think that this will be a miss for my dad, because he has dry skin, not oily skin. He has already told me that I can use this sample if I want it. I told him that he needs to try it at least once, because it might not be drying on his skin. If this dries his skin or leaves it feeling tight, he will not like this one bit. He has really dry skin from the chemo. It is a fail for him, I think.

I don’t have oily skin. I’ll try it, but I’ll probably give it to you. It smells nice though. I want to see how it makes my face feel and I’ll go from there. I know its a nice brand, because you like it.

Naturaltech Rebalancing Shampoo by Davines, 3.38 oz for 9.06 USD:


This shampoo is for oily hair again and my dad has a dry scalp. He actually really likes this one though, because it is tingly like the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo. If he likes this one more, I will buy him this one, because it does come out a bit cheaper than the PM which I can only buy at a salon. My dad really likes fancy hair care, while I like anything that is natural: low or high end.

This is a really big sample. I don’t like that it is a bit runny and the whole bottle almost pours out. It’s like A1 sauce in that way. You have to be careful with it. I think it will last me a month or so and I like the minty sensation. It is really pleasant and the scent is calming to me.

Overall, the price of this Birchbox was 57.59 USD, which is over double of what I paid for it. You cannot go wrong with this for the price. It is an amazing value and three out of five is really good for the first box and he might like the other two. We will see. Has anyone else tried the Birchbox Man? Are you interested in seeing me continue to do this on my blog? I am also going to do a final impression of what my Dad thought about the box after using everything for a bit. What do you think? I think this might just be a new series, because I know some guys read my blog as well. Speak up, men! Do you like this post?

With Love,




8 thoughts on “Birchbox Man: December Impressions”

    1. My dad is really excited and thought it was very nice of me. He will try anything once and like me, he cannot stand if things go to waste. I also asked him about it before I bought it and he was very willing to try a few boxes. I feel like he cares about skin care and stuff like that more since I started blogging and sharing my stuff with him. It was like discovering a new world to him.

      1. That is good and also fun. I like trying new things, as does Joanna, but otherwise my family doesn’t care much. I did turn my mother onto to use body lotion more often, though I think she uses it mostly for her hands. lol.

    1. Yes. It is shorter than the female version, but I feel that it should be just as effective. I don’t understand why they didn’t take his dry skin into consideration unless they only had one kind of face wash to give away.

      1. it may have been they only had that one type. hard to know. I will say for various makeup type boxes, they all had surveys, but now and then I’d get odd colors that were not right for my skin tone. mostly they got it correct though.

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