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Beauty Ban WK #2

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I cannot believe that  am two weeks in and I have not bought a thing! I am so proud of myself. I’ve even been sick with the flu and didn’t use that as an excuse to shop. It is so hard not to look at any online stores or browse the beauty section of the stores that I shop at for other things like food and household supplies. I have to keep myself focused on the prize which is a brand new used car that isn’t too expensive and we last me the next ten years. I’m thinking an SUV, since that would cater to kids real well, if that ends up being in my near ten year future.

I just bought my dad’s Monster Jam Truck tickets today and I bought two pit passes as well. He is really excited and I’m even going to buy him a shirt from the stand. This is his Christmas present and the tickets including the pit passes were 71.25 USD for two tickets and two pit passes. The seats are so close and have such a great view of the show, while the pit passes allow him to get pictures with his favorite drivers. I get to have a frozen margarita, cotton candy, and see hawt athletes. It’s a win-win situation. I’m going on Feb 14th and I actually took some vacation time that week as well. It’s going to be epic and yes, I’ll bring all of you along and tape part of the show and take TONS of pictures. Don’t worry.

So far, I’ve saved at least 50 dollars by not buying frivolous things on top of the 100 USD I was able to save on my paycheck. My savings account thanks me every time I say no to pretty, sparkly, shiny….I should stop. Any who, my treadmill came TODAY! I’m setting it up and trying to put all the pieces together. I was supposed to upload a book review on Tuesday, but when I went to post, it got DELETED! I am so mad! I am going to retype it tomorrow and upload it then. So, you can look forward to a book review then and this weekend, I think I have a few unboxings planned. I am also making up my own tag to share with all over you to spread it all over the internet like a really cool virus. lol. Anyways, I hope you guys have a great day tomorrow and Happy Friday!

With Love,



5 thoughts on “Beauty Ban WK #2”

    1. YAY! It’s so hard to save money and NOT spend it. I have to wait until my birthday to spend some money on me and even then, I’m not going to buy anything I dont need. It’ll probably be clothes and candles. I am still planning on going blonde, because I am saving for that and I have been wanting to forever.

      1. I’m trying to make sure I’ll definitely use something if I buy it. Like I bought a blanket today, which is obviously something useful. But I was tempted to buy many other things and resisted. It’s rough leaving the house if you’re trying to save but you can’t just sit around all the time.

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