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Birchbox Unboxing: December

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I just used my camera to take a video for my unboxing. I uploaded it on to Youtube and there is NO SOUND! I’m so sorry guys! I will use my Kindle Fire from now on fr my videos. At least, you guys can still enjoy watching it, but I had cute commentary….BOO! Anyways, here is that video and you can look forward to two more videos with some sound tomorrow. Again, I am really sorry! I hope you guys still like it at least.

With Love,



8 thoughts on “Birchbox Unboxing: December”

  1. I do wish I could have heard everything. Is it the actual video or just youtube. I also think it’s cool that Lo Bosworth did the box. I remember her from the later seasons of the Hills.

      1. If you right click on the video within your documents (or wherever it is,) there should be a “properties” option. It will say either the file name or type is a certain thing, for example, or videoname.mp4. I think those are the more common ones. I actually think you can upload videos right to wordpress too.

  2. cool. well re: youtube. lately I cannot upload videos from my laptop at all yet used to be able to do that. So I got youtube capture (iphone app, free) and that works. not an expert on this, so can’t really offer anything too helpful. Just wanted to say I’ve had some youtube issues too.

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