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Beauty Ban WK #3

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Another week has come and gone! My beauty ban is still going strong. I am actually going to be treating myself with a dinner out with my dad. I have saved $150 dollars! I have been saving about $50 dollars a week with not buying any beauty related products. So, I’m gonna spend with week’s 50 on a nice dinner out. Margarita here I come! So, I have 100 USD saved for my hair. I still haven’t talked much with my stylist yet. I want to have 200 USD on hand for my appointment in case my hair needs something extra like toning that he didn’t originally count on. If all goes as planned, my hair will only cost about 100 without a tip for coloring and the trim. So, if that’s the case, after my dad will get a hair cut and my stylist will get a nicer tip. So, I am looking at 2 more weeks of saving and I will have enough money. Then, I’m looking at actually coloring my hair in March, since he is really busy and booked for a solid month at least. By latest, I would like it done by my birthday.

Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent, so I’ll probably end this here. I didn’t relapse and my ban is still going strong. I am confident that I can do this for the entire year. I also found out that with my taxes I could possibly be seeing a down payment on a new used car! I am so excited. I didn’t realize exactly how much money the government would owe me. It’s over 1K, when all is said and done. I am putting all of it in my savings account for that car and not spending a penny of it on anything else. Also, getting a new car would actually lower my monthly car payment by at least 20 USD. It’s crazy how much you can save BY spending.

With Love,


10 thoughts on “Beauty Ban WK #3”

  1. Yay for saving money. I can’t remember what I’ve bought this week. Not because I’ve spent a lot but because I’m tired. I bought 4 yogurt cups for my lunches, which should last me 2 weeks at school.

      1. They haven’t responded back yet. If they don’t by the end of this week, I’ll email a nasty message to them. Something like, give me the postage to send it back or I won’t pay for it. It’s on an easy pay program so that should get their attention.

      2. That it should. Though its annoying to have to even make threats like that. They should be considering customer interest, especially since you only got it a few weeks ago. It’s not like its been a year or two.

    1. Thank you! I almost bought something at Walgreens today, but then my dad said “We don’t have forever.” He saved me! I pouted then said “Whatever. Nevermind.” Yes, I was moody at the time, but afterwards, I was grateful.

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