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Ipsy Unbagging: January

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I meant to have both of my unboxing videos up on Sunday, because of uploading issues, they were delayed. The other will be uploaded tomorrow and I will be working hard on my First Impressions of Ipsy’s November Bag. I want to have that uploaded tomorrow, too, but we will see. I made this video with my Kindle Fire and I think it is a better quality video than last time. What do you guys think? I value your feedback.

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21 thoughts on “Ipsy Unbagging: January”

  1. There does seem to be a lot of drugstore products with ipsy, which is fine, but it also seems to defeat the purpose of it. Why would you subscribe to something if you can just get it at cvs? I don’t know, you seem to get better bags earlier last year, like in the summer.

    1. I know. I felt the same exact way, which is why I stopped the subscription. I am really loving Birchbox though. I love that it is more skincare oriented and less makeup focused.

      1. I was contemplating trying it with february, as i got an email offer for $10 off anything in their store if I subscribed. I want to have some sort of subscription box, but julep, which is what I would ideally like, is too expensive considering how small the nail polishes are and how many i already have.

      2. You should def try Birchbox! I know you can choose to not have any beauty products and the survey just feels more unique somehow. I feel like they know what I like a lot better with giving me more skincare/body care products and only one or two makeup items. I love it. I’m only two boxes in though.

      3. I think I may go do that now (I’m sort of bored. I want to watch the Wizard of Oz with my sisters but my dad is currently playing a video game. I’ve also been looking at Korean Stationary.)

      4. I think I was going to try that but they’re out of January boxes now. It may be too close to the end of the month? But i subscribed! And now have 110 points. woo hoo!

      5. YAY! You have more than me. I only have 40 points so far. I’m reviewing all of my products though, so after that I expect to have that many points soon.

      6. I have 110, but only because I had the promo code. I saw some things I was interested in for $10, but I may try to save them up. I was looking at the nail polishes and they have a decent selection, but I don’t need anymore polishes. I don’t think I’ve bought any in 2015, and I’m sort of saving up for a collection coming out in April. (It’s not expensive or anything, as the collection is like 4 polishes for $4 each, but i’m going to try not to buy until then.)

      7. lol. I think its one of the black ops but I don’t know. Video games give me too much anxiety so I tend not to. I get too into them. Like I was playing Mario Kart once for a half hour or so and my hand hurt from gripping the controller too hard. lol.

  2. Video with your Kindle Fire that’s smart! My tablets get ignored since i got my S5 maybe I should pull them back out. LOL The contents of our bags was a little different this month. Thanks for sharing yours! 🙂

    1. I love sharing more than the average person. Lol. Well YouTube doesn’t like my camera for audio. But it has good resolution for a tablet reader. Thank you as always for commenting and not making me feel alone out here in the cold cold blogging world where tons of people like but not many comment.

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