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January Favorites

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It is time for my monthly recap and to take a deep breath to see what I have accomplished this month. I am disappointed to say that I only read one book this month. I am only a few chapters away from finishing another and doing a book review though. I was close. I want to try to read three in February to get back to were I want to be and watch less tv! lol. Honestly though, I think it is the Youtube time suck, which is why I have vowed to only watch it when I exercise on the weekends. I get to catch up on all my videos while getting in shape again. I am going to exercise as soon as I upload this, then I’ll have some lunch. I am going to be uploading a special lunch post soon. I want to get a bit foody and lifestyle-y with all of you. The Birchbox man post that I promised all of you yesterday is currently stuck trying to upload. WordPress is working hard trying to get it to go through or reset without me losing the post. Somehow, it got stuck at 7pm yesterday trying to upload. Our hopes is that it uploads today at 7pm. So, keep your fingers crossed for that.

We got a lot of snow this month and I loved it but hated it. I loved the fact that I got a paid snow day from work, but I hated the fact that I was snowbound and couldn’t go anywhere at the same time. I am hoping for another snow day tomorrow, though! I have been loving the book Elixir by Hilary Duff, which I just started recently within the last week or so. It is so interesting and Danielle was kind enough to give it to me on my birthday. Yes Dan, I finally got around to start reading it. I have been loving Dance Moms on Netflix, even though they did NOT put on the whole first season. It upsets me, but at the same time, at least I get to watch some of it. Still great in my opinion. It is better to have something than nothing at all.

Treatment gel

I had one favorite beauty product this month that really took the spot light and it was OleHenriksen Invigorating Night Treatment Overnight Resurfacer. Don’t be fooled by the name. It really does work overnight. I put this on every other night and when I wake up in the morning, there is a notable difference each and every time. This is eating away at the top layers of my skin, revealing fresher unblemished skin underneath. This is steadily getting rid of my uneven complexion. It is getting rid of the hyper-pigmentation and the acne. It is giving me smoother, less acne prone skin. Even my cystic acne is getting better. You might know that cystic acne is hormonal and doesn’t have a “head” to release the puss and dirt inside of your pore. This stuff has natural acids that eat at the dead layers of skin, allowing pimples to naturally “pop” and heal on their own. I haven’t popped a pimple since I really consistently started using this product.

I will be buying the full size. I cannot see myself not having this in my life. It has achieved HOLY GRAIL status for me. It is saving my face to wear I don’t have to wear makeup because I feel beautiful. My acne made me hide, but now, I’m not afraid to standout again. I don’t know why acne has hit me now. It never really did in high school. I’m just glad that I found this product. It has saved my face and I swear, it could very well be a life saver for you as well. Get a sample kit that has this in it. If you see DRASTIC results overnight, then I swear it will work for you. My face was really BAD before I started. The more you have to work with the more NOTICEABLE the results will be.

Well, that is it for January. Hello to February.

With Love,



4 thoughts on “January Favorites”

    1. Yes, I have found a few gems and a few that I am not so crazy about, but everyone’s skin is different. I think that they are definitely worth the money of investing in a full size if you fall in love with a sample. I always recommend sampling expensive products first.

  1. The full size is 45 dollars and it comes in a user friendly pump, which will make it easier to apply then using my finger to dip into the product. And more sanitary, which is good for acne. I bought this in a 45 dollar sampler with 6 deluxe sample products in it. I have a ten dollar gift card, so it wasn’t too big of a deal to spend 35. I know there is a 35 dollar sampler of 3 products, this one and the day cream and the collogen booster serum.

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