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The Final Verdict: NickAk

For NickAk Shimmer Eyeliner in Green

Shimmer EyelinerGreen Nicka KSwatches

What It Is: A metallic, shimmery green eyeliner with angled, pointed rubber tip for easy cat-eyes.

Key Ingredients: This eyeliner doesn’t contain anything irritating, just a ton of dyes which is normal for eye makeup.

How It Feels/Smells/Looks: This eyeliner smells like apple cider vinegar and it is a metallic, shimmery green eyeliner like I stated earlier. It is very opaque. My eyelid hurt after applying this. Because it has a rubber tip, it drags along the lid, creating pain and a bumpy line. This is not a smooth or comfortable application.

Why I Like It: I liked the color, which is about all I liked about this eyeliner. Not only is this a literal pain to apply, but the formula is chunky and flaky. You cannot build it up and as soon as you touch it, it starts to flake apart. I applied this yesterday and about two hours later, I noticed it flaking just from BLINKING. This eyeliner is unbelievably crappy quality and I am just throwing it out. I wouldn’t give it away, because it freaking hurts to apply and it was near my eyeballs. It ain’t sanitary to give away. I am happy to have tried it from Ipsy, but this is going straight into the trash.

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15 thoughts on “The Final Verdict: NickAk”

      1. Do it! Lol. I broke one of my nails really badly today. It split in the middle and then tore to the side as far as the white part of my nail goes. I put nail glue on it and am hoping it holds together. That’s my story of the day.

      2. I’m not even sure what happened. I was at work, petting the cat and putting clean sheets on and this woman has a hospital bed because she has this rare medical condition and m nail just bent and snapped!

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