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A Quick & Healthy Salad

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I told you all that I would be getting more into foody type posts and so, here is an example of that. I was making a salad with everything and I was quite proud of myself at the end result. I naturally grabbed my camera to document the event. Here it is in all of its glory:


Want to know how to make it? It is really super easy! I’ll tell you how. First, you will want a salad base. Just grab any greens you have lying around. I had iceberg and kale, so I chopped those up and put them in my big white bowl. Next, I diced up some tomatoes and cucumbers. I also added some white onions and some red peppers. I opened up a can of black olives without the pits and I threw that in there. While I was in the pantry getting the can of olives, I found a can of little mandarin orange slices, so I cut them up a bit and added it into my salad. I topped the salad up with cubed feta cheese, sprinkled some Romano, and squirted a dose of Italian dressing. I loved it! Of course, I added whole grain corn chips and salsa on the side. What were you snacking on at lunch? Did you enjoy this post? Let me know if I should continue.

With Love,



2 thoughts on “A Quick & Healthy Salad”

    1. Thanks! I am having more salad tonight. lol. I guess I will be doing another food post. Maybe what I eat out would be a good next post. I’m trying to choose interesting meals, instead of predictable ones. lol

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