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Sample Wednesday: Marc Anthony

For Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray


[Picture To Be Updated. I didn’t realize that I didn’t take pictures and the bottle is out in the car!]

What It Is: It is a hairspray with Moroccan argan oil and infused with keratin to make hair healthier, while providing extra hold to your style.

Key Ingredients: It has a few good for you ingredients like argan kernel oil, keratin, and grape seed oil. It also has a few bad ingredients like polymers that coat the hair in synthetics, alcohol, and parfum.

How It Feels/Smells/Looks: This is the best smelling hairspray that I have ever applied. It has a nice hold to the hair and shine. It dries fast, but I didn’t see a difference in volume. The hairspray does not leave a sticky residue on the hair, but if you brush your hair the next day, the hairspray crumbles into white particles that look like dandruff.

Why I Like It: I really love this hairspray mostly for its great smell and the light hold it gives to my hair. I only use hairspray when I curl my hair and when I put my hair back into a sleek ponytail. I like to spray down the flyways on my head and keep the pony wild! I am not a fan of how it breaks apart into white particles, but I use this on the last day (hair wash day). I could see myself repurchasing this to use on my hair on was day, but it would not be something that I would reach for on a regular basis.

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