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#ManicureMonday: Futuristic

Heya Aspiring Gurus!


My last manicure lasted two weeks before completely chipping away. I am back today with another episode of Manicure Monday. This week I have a futuristic manicure. It is a multi-tone chrome polish by Color Club in the color Port-folio. It is a purple polish with greenish gold sparkles. In the light, it sparkles a green-gold tone and in the dark it is more of dark purple with gold shimmer. I love this color so much. It is so unique and nobody I know has it. People at work kept on asking me what I was wearing, because they have never seen anything like it. If you want to stand out in a crowd, pick up this polish today. Dani gave me this polish for Christmas, so I don’t know where you can get it.

It dries really quick, too. My manicure was done in tops 20 minutes, but I want to say fifteen. It took 5 minutes for a light base coat and 10 minutes for a slightly thicker top coat to make it glassy and streakfree. The first coat is VERY streaky, so you need that 2nd coat. You do not need three coats of this polish, but I do recommend adding a top coat. I don’t have either a base or a top coat. I am going to be shopping for one of each this weekend, so let me know what to get in the comments below. It has to be something I can easily get at a drugstore though. I’m not going anywhere fancy! Thanks!

With Love,


34 thoughts on “#ManicureMonday: Futuristic”

  1. Omg >.< I love when nails change colors when you move them around! It's like getting 3 in 1 nail polish because of all the colors it changes too! I love your nails too so pretty c:! ♥ Great post~ and btw your earring chain is so cool, I need to get another piercing because I would love to wear an earring chain.

    1. Awe! Thanks! Piercing my cartilage is one of my best decisions ever. There are so many cool cuffs and chains. I went for a sweet but edgy looking one. Claire also has ear cuffs that do not require a pierced upper ear btw. I can’t stop looking at my nails! Lol.

      1. Lol. Yep! My ear hurt for a couple of months and it takes a year for it to heal so you can take it off. I have sensitive ears, so I. Can. Only wear earnings coated in gold or sterling silver. I can where fake earing for a day but nothing longer than that. My favorite fakes, well I take them to the jewellers and get them dipped for 20 dollars. They take the back of the earing that goes into your ear and dip it into liquid gold or silver to coat it. Bye bye sensitivity!

  2. The top coat I have right now is New York color quick dry grand central station. I think it’s less than $2, and it dries glassy and nice. As for base coat, I got mine at tj max, but nyc has one for under $2 which may be good, I’ve never tried it. All of their polishes and things seem good quality for the price.
    And I’m glad you like that one so much! I bought it in a set online, though I think I’ve seen color club at the Christmas Tree Shops, and rite aid, depending upon where you go.

      1. Lol. My dad only seem to not like black, because he associates it with being “goth.” But I wear it anyway, and I don’t think he cares enough anymore.

      2. I’d never even heard of it before you mentioned it. But really, I’m a grown lady, I don’t think my dad gets much input. Or he can give it, but I probably won’t listen.

      3. Fun! I’m having a tv night. and then working tomorrow and saturday. I was supposed to work today but there was so much snow on the roads this morning and I couldn’t put off going because i had to go to the dentist.

  3. love the color. Actually planning to put a somewhat similar color on my nails today. Well its not the same, probably post on it tomorrow though. 🙂

      1. hmm the color absolutely doesn’t look like the bottle but its ok. I’ll try to post tomorrow or the next day though. right now, well I scrub the mistakes off once fully dry (lazy way I guess). its a good color but discontinued by Nars. So may not be the most useful post for finding a color.

      2. yeah, true, though guess I got it cheap since it was being discontinued. I think it was only $5?? good deal really. normally they are around $15 or $20, I’d have to look it up. gonna take a photo soon, put a blog post up on it.

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