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Alcohol & Me

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I’m here today to talk with all of you about my life with alcohol. I am turning 23 this year, so I have had two years of consuming alcohol to base this post on. I have never really ever been the type to party out with friends. I am more of a by myself drinker. I plan to have a drink with my best friend Dani after watching a movie during Spring Break. Margaritas, here we come! But seriously, I drink by myself. I went with a couple of coworkers at Kmart to a bar and it was a gross place. The floors were sticky, drunk guys [very OLD guys] were leering at us, and the only drink that was safe was bottle beer. I don’t particularly like beer, but Dani gave me a can of coconut water mixed ale and it was DELICIOUS! Dani, please comment what it was, so I can pick myself up a 6 pack…or 24 pack. They were smaller cans, but that’s alright. It was less calories. Speaking of which, I cannot wait the two more weeks before I can start exercising regularly again. Then, I can share my workouts with all of you. YAY!

Anyways, I’ve also been to a club with the same said coworkers. I should have learned not to trust them, because the club was loud and the dancing was more like sex with clothes on. Needles to say, I became the girl who sat in the booth, watching her friends drinks while they had a good time. At least, the margaritas were on point, if not watered down. This leads me to why I am an out home drinker rather than a party scene girl. I would drink at a friends house though. Just not partying.

I am not too adventurous when it comes to alcohol. I tend to stick with what I like, but I am trying to live life outside of my comfort zone. I enjoy a margarita, mixed drinks, flavored vodka, rum and coke, whisky and root beer, deep berry wines/wine coolers, ale [as long as its good], twisted teas and lemonades, and frozen cocktails. I absolutely HATE Zinfandel wine. I do not like the flavor of it. I also tried a deep red wine that tasted like it was more for cooking than for drinking. It burned my throat more than whiskey does.

I never drink enough to have a hangover and to be honest, I never feel much of a “buzz” per say. I just feel more relaxed and like my movements are more fluid and natural. I often blog with a glass of wine or have a Lush bath with a vodka tonic. It really depends on my mood. Not being able to exercise though, I have not been drinking at all. I need to be able to work off the booze. I’m still a bit pudgy around my stomach from when my hormones went into overdrive and I gained like fifteen pounds.

Two more weeks, then I can taste some glorious drink and got to the liqueur store to look at its wares! I think that as long as you are whatever age is legal in your country to drink to go for it. I would say to take your time though and do not get drunk enough to forget your name. Be smart ladies! Use the buddy system. Make sure someone has to be the driver to get home. I hate to be that person, but women get in trouble a lot when they drink around men. I’m not blaming women, though. Not 100%. But if we try to stay buzzed and not drunk, it would go a long way to ensure that all we have is a good time…not a nightmare. It’s sad that in this world women have to protect themselves from men [who hardly ever get convicted in these types of crimes], but it falls upon us to be the responsible ones. So, as they say, please drink responsibly.

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7 thoughts on “Alcohol & Me”

  1. This made me laugh a bit, not going to lie. Though I’ve had a long few days and needed a laugh, so thanks. Those things are called parrot bay coconut water margaritas. That size came in a 12 pack, though they sell really big cans individually and they’re may be a middle size 6 pack, not sure. That’s just what was available when I got them. I think they were $10.99

  2. oh I have been to some clubs like that! Yeah not my thing either. I also dislike most wine. I may drink a glass maybe if its some sort of dinner party (mostly to be socially acceptable for that). Though I do like to visit wineries. Mostly since I find them pretty. Tasting a small amount of wine is also fun usually.

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