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Sample Wednesday: ECRU

For ECRU New York New York Acacia Protein BB Cream Beauty Balm For Hair

Beauty Balm

What it is: A light styling lotion that moisturizes, while providing protein to strengthen strands.

Key Ingredients: The Good: water, jojoba seed oil, coconut oil, acacia extract, garenia extract, wheat protein, silk amino acid, and hydrolyzed silk. The Bad: parfum and cetearyl alcohol.

How it feels/smells/looks: It is a runny, thin white lotion with a chemically floral scent and a hint of Elmer’s Glue. It does not feel very moisturizing for my hair. It sort of just disappears in my hair, when I apply a quarter amount of product.

Why I like it: While I like the lightness of the product and all the ingredients in it, it is just not moisturizing enough for my hair. This could be moisturizing enough for those with baby fine hair. I have to add a boosting agent to this when I use it on the length of my hair whether it is a bit of oil or a pump of fortified keratin booster. I would not recommend it to anyone who has any other hair type but baby fine. You need more moisture than what it provides. I received this in my Ipsy bag and I’m happy that I am finally going through most of my samples.

Also, look at what I bought! If you watch Jenna Marbles, then you know who this guy is! Like this post, if you know who I’m talking about!


I waited TWO Weeks for this shirt and with shipping I paid 30 USD for it. It is a memory I will have for a lifetime and so worth it. The cotton shirt is SO soft. I’m thinking about wearing it to work on April Fools!

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