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40 Days of Blogging Plus Beauty Ban Update

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Another week has come and gone and I have still not purchased anything beauty related. I am breaking my ban this weekend though. I need a few essentials, but I am NOT buying anything that I don’t actually need. You guys can look forward to a haul, though. Okay, so for those of you who do not know, I am Greek Orthodox. I am a religious person and in my religion, instead of giving something up for Lent like in the Catholic Church, you do something for 40 days. I will be giving back by blogging everyday of Lent. That means that there will be 40 posts. It actually started yesterday, so today is day 39. It is a countdown until Easter which is on April 12th for me. I am happy to be celebrating it with all of you.

So, how it is going to go down is that I am going to prewrite Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday over the weekend and they will automatically upload at a prerecorded time. Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday will always be a fresh that day post. Since I am blogging for 40 continuous days, I would love some suggestions of what to write about. If there is a topic you want me to write about, now would be the time to tell me. I have half of the content already planned, so input would be great for the rest of the twenty odd days.

With Love,



20 thoughts on “40 Days of Blogging Plus Beauty Ban Update”

    1. YAY! More ideas! I finally did finalize my toner and I ❀ it! Maybe I could do a DIY video on how to make it, inside of my post? Let me know if you would like that. And I could do a nail polish collection post to show off all of my nail polishes! I have twenty to thirty nail polishes I believe. I can swatch the color club ones though, so you can see what they look like on nails.

      1. A video would be fun! If that is not too much work for you. 40 days of blogging will be hard, so I understand if it is too much. Ooo, I would love a nail polish collection post! πŸ™‚ All of that sounds like so much fun to read! πŸ™‚ Thanks! πŸ™‚

  1. I like that idea! I was raised Catholic. Do know all about the Lent stuff that Catholics do. I never 100% understood as most people give up chocolate. not kidding. Seems more productive to actually do something outward like this. I will say have not known many (any) who were Greek Orthodox who practiced. So this is interesting, as I enjoy learning about various religious beliefs. Hmm, Ideas though. I’ll think. I think putting some pet photos in could be fun (for me, I love pets). maybe some beauty, what you are reading, some update on life in general, hmm I’m curious about how your toe is doing. Whatever you blog though, that is great! I’ll try to get on here more often to read.

    1. Thanks for all of the ideas! They really help a lot. I miss you! When I get home, I am following you on twitter. I tried looking up Charm, but it said that it didn’t exist anymore.

      1. oh hey don’t know where to put this, random, I joined Yappem (finally), found you (due to twitter) and followed you there! my username on there is ephemeral. though it has my name too.

  2. You can literally write about anything, but maybe… hmm… just a general life-update or about something you really really enjoy doing at your spare time (just talk about your interests). Or maybe even tips you find helpful when [cleaning makeup brushes etc]. I really look forward to reading your 40-ish posts! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! This is so great. I’m glad many people are taking the time to respond, because I was really blanking and panicking and the more I blanked, the more I panicked. lol. Me and my anxiety. I will def be doing an interests post. I really like that idea. I like the idea of tips too. Maybe I can do my list of Beauty Hacks.

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