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Manicure Monday: Eat Rainbows & Poop Out Butterflies

Heya Aspiring Gurus!


I just finished painting my nails for this fabulous, hectic Monday. I’m having fun with my boring Monday with Dr. Seuss-est nails. Remember from The Loraks, I think it was when the little girl beast says that she wants to “eat rainbows and poop out butterflies”? I loved that movie! So cute! Anyways, my nails look like a fairy puked up on them. They are so glittery and rainbowy! I love them so much! I got a few complements on them today. They clipped a tiny bit jogging mail this morning. Jogging mail is putting envelopes a certain way on a machine and it jiggles it into evenness. You have to fill up tray after tray and carry them over to the machines. It’s hard work! I did twenty trays today and it almost took an hour. Well, that is a busy Monday for ya. If you guys want to know more about my job, let me know. I painted my nails with Love, Charlotte XO in the color Code Accholiday. It took 5 coats on all the nails and a 6th coat for certain spots on the nails that were sparse. It is a tiny bit thick but not too much and the effect is lovely. It only took 10 minutes, too. It was fast drying. Have a Happy Monday!


With Love,



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