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Update Thursday: Beauty Ban & Blogging Event

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

So, you know that I broke my ban and bought a few essentials. I guess, I didn’t really break it then. I mean, I needed cleanser and I really wanted to try GlamGlow. I think that it would have been considered a break in the ban, if I would have bought it just because I wanted it and I really didn’t need it. Well, I guess that I didn’t need it, but I was gonna run out of cleanser so there. This is day 32 of my blogging for Lent event and I am still going strong! I am hoping not to miss even one day, but you know, things do happen. And I totally forgot to add my pictures from what I bought at Forever 21 and Claire’s. So, I will show you now.

Forever 21

A grey professional dress that I love. Can you believe that it was only 20 USD? High-waisted army style jeans and high-waisted bleached out jeans were just 19.99 USD a pair. Lastly, I bought a long grey sweater dress with a turtleneck for 8 USD.



I bought two cute headbands and two ear cuffs.


That is all for this week!

With Love,



2 thoughts on “Update Thursday: Beauty Ban & Blogging Event”

  1. cool! dress looks multipurpose to me as in good for work but possibly good for other occasions as well. versatile! not bad on the prices! Forever 21 is very far from me lol! Its there though!

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