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Birchbox Unboxing: March

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I have another unboxing for you today. I am also working on a December First Impressions of Birchbox to go up this upcoming week. I have about four to five first impressions to do. So, in the next coming weeks, I’m going to try to push one out every week. The one I’m working on will most likely upload on Tuesday, but if I am behind, something else will upload that day. Enjoy! Also, for some reason the thumbnail is not uploading. As soon as it does, I will edit this. Thanks for understanding!

With Love,



61 thoughts on “Birchbox Unboxing: March”

    1. My dad still wants to think about it. He found a different car that he wants to look at first tomorrow. Gawd, he can be such a girl! lol. How was your grandparents?

      1. My dad was fickle when picking out the leased car, but you need to be sure you’re getting the best deal. It was good. We had chocolate mousse cake for my aunts bday.

      2. You will have one before you know it! Ive been thinking about cars myself, with graduation coming and all. I imagine I’m going to just take time and house clean for a while, but eventually I will either have to look for full time work or graduate school. And if I do graduate work I’m not doing it at my school I’m at now. The bus is a 15 minute car ride from my house so I don’t think it would be a good idea to walk to it, especially considering the winter we just had and how a lot of side walks aren’t accessible yet!

      3. Oh. Your parents won’t let you continue to use the car? That sucks. I am going to be getting my permit in May, so maybe I can get my license next year, just to have it.

      4. Plus I just want my own so I can use it when it want. It’s annoying but she doesn’t seem to care and my parents don’t seem to either, even though I pay the $100 a month in insurance.

      5. Then, you should either tell them that you’ll only pay 50 and she has to pay the other, or tell them that you won’t pay until you get equal shares of the car.

      6. We each pay $100 in insurance, and there’s really no way around it, or I can’t drive to school or work, both of which are necessary. It’s aggravating and I’ve expressed my concern but they don’t do much about it.

      7. Huh. What do your parents pay the the insurance or is it split between you and Jo? Does she let you use it when you need to go to school or work?

      8. We each pay separately for ourselves without our parents help, though we’re on their policy. We go to school for around the same times so that not an issue, and usually to work i have to travel with my mom, bring her to work, than go myself, or vice versa. But it will be different next year as i will be working more, because right now its only the weekend. But i’m also tired of having to work my schedule around someone elses. A lot of the time I”ll be done working in the early afternoon and won’t be home until the evening because my mom had to run errands, it makes it hard to get work done.

      9. I can imagine. That must be hard and annoying. If you decide to take the year off, I hope you get your own car soon. I know how you wanted to just take off and go to the beach.

      10. There is definitely going to be some time taken off as I’m just so exhausted. Like a few days ago, I went to make oatmeal and I poured it into the trash instead of a bowl. And then I tried to wash my face with conditioner. Plus the deadline has probably passed.

      11. I actually thought I saw a kangaroo in foster, the town next to mine. In the snow! Like I’m genuinely worried that my work will not be up to snuff for the next month. I’m lucky because my seminar professor only has1-2 classes in April, and the rest of the classes are time for the paper, so I don’t have to go in!

      12. Like always! Tsk, tsk. I love Clueless. Have you heard? They are making a new Mean Girls called Mean Moms and supposedly it will include Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, and Cameron Diaz.

      13. Lol. I know. Man that was the worst movie other. I really loved Wild Child though. I wish they would make a sequel. They are coming out with another Nicholas Sparks movie with British Robinson! Yay!

      14. Wild child! Yes! I don’t think I’ve watched it since high school but I’ve been meaning to. And yea I heard about that! I just got the book from the library, but it’s nearly 400 pages. I usually try to read the book before I see the movie, but this is a longer one. The last Nicolas Sparks book I read was around 250 or something.

      15. Well, the good thing is, you can find a good used car for about 5k. If you only want to work a year and then go back to grad school and not have a car loan hanging over you.

      16. I would definitely prefer not to have a loan. I don’t even want a really nice car, just one in good condition with decent gas mileage. I don’t care how fancy it is. Though I’ve never been in an accident I would be mad if I got in one with a new car. I don’t know if I would be able to even get a loan as I have a bit for school. It’s a messy and aggravating situation but I can only deal with one thing at a time, which right now is just graduating. I’ve been saving up some money, but working only part time and having to pay insurance and other expenses makes it hard to save a lot

      17. I know I’ve been there. I have a bit of good news. Remember when I told you that I had debt collection on my credit score and I was pissed? Well, I just checked and it was removed off of my account. After two years, my insurance finally paid the other half of what they were supposed to pay. I’m so happy! My credit score went up big time. And I have a few hard inquiresthat are coming off in September of this year. Which means my score is going to come up even higher. Which is great because after I get this car, I’m going to be in the market for a home. So, happy about that. I need to save up 5 k in a year though for a down payment. It’s gonna be a long road for both of us.

      18. Well that is good. And about time your insurance finally took care of that! It took long enough!!! You only need 5 K for a down payment on a house? I would have thought it would be much more.

      19. I’m looking at foreclosed homes that are around 50 to 80 thousand dollars. You can get a loan with 5k down. Of course, they encourage you to put down 20%, but the minimum is 5k. I’ve been looking into it and I already found a few houses that I love between here and Boston. I guess, I’m stuck in MA for the foreseeable future. My bf is happy cause Ill be closer to him. I miss him even though he’s a jerk sometimes.

      20. Then, I would have a commute….well….I would have one anyway….maybe Ill look into Rhode Island. It’s close enough and maybe the taxes are less than MA. I’ll look into this. I hadn’t really thought of it. I just assumed that I couldn’t. I’m thinking about moving to Arizona in 10 years and working at Commerce over there.

      21. You can move anywhere, even Connecticut, as long as it wouldn’t be too long a ride. I’d like to move to the south, but one thing at a time! There’s no snow in Arizona!

      22. Yay! I know! I’d have to buy some. No not Connecticut. I don’t want to live anyway in that state that I might run into my mother. No. Just…no. we could be neighbors!!! Lol

  1. cool! I did not get my box yet but well, I peeked! ha I shouldn’t. I am getting some of the same, but not all. Oh I did try a Michael Todd product, liked it, it was some kind of Pumpkin face mask. hmm, maybe I should try to do a youtube thing. I always get Birchbox a bit late due to living on the west coast.

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