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Shout Out to Cello’s Tears

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

As you can tell, today will not be a new manicure. My nails need a week break  and removing that glitter was a pain. I still have glitter on my hands that will need a second scrubbing tonight. So, I thought that I would do an author spotlight. Since I get contacted by quite a few authors for reviews and such, I thought that I would do a shout out or an awareness about an author’s upcoming release. If you like this new post and want to see more of these, please click the like button, so that I know you want to see more of these and are not bothered by them. I know some people do not like these kinds of posts. I personally love them and I love talking to up and coming new authors.

The author spotlight today is on Geza Tatrallyay and he can be found at Gezatatrallyay.com. On his site, you first see his professional head shot and interesting biography. I always love reading biographies and knowing where authors have come from. Plus, I can’t write biographies to save my life. I need to spend more time on writing them. There is a tab to read about his books and where to buy them and another tab about his upcoming events. Although, knowing that is only helpful if you live in France. OMG! He is coming to Vermont in July! Is it Vermont in America?! Please, don’t disappoint me. There is also a contact tab and another tab that leads to his blog, which is intriguing. If you haven’t yet clicked the link, here is what the author had to say about one of his recent events:

“I was very honored to be invited to read several of my poems from my soon-to-be-published collection, CELLO’S TEARS, at the prestigious Marché de la Poésie in Bordeaux last night (March 11). I read a number in both the original as well as in French translation and talked a bit about my views on poetry. A great event!
http://bordeaux-marche-de-la-poesie.f… — in Bordeaux, France.

I will be looking forward to the release of Cello’s Tears, if it is also released in an English version. I don’t know French, but the French do have a lovely way with words. I cannot wait to get my hands on this collection of poetry! I am so glad that I discovered this author and can talk to him about the release of Cello’s Tears, which should be happening in June 2015.

Will you be looking for it on your book store’s shelf?

With Love,



5 thoughts on “Shout Out to Cello’s Tears”

  1. cool on the author. OH but I know all how glitter is difficult! I can barely get it off when using pure acetone type remover. I like it, but I will be experiencing this soon on my toes which are currently glittered. Actually tho, I do like posts like this. thanks for letting us know about this author.

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