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Sample Wednesday: Airborne

For Airborne Everyday Immune Support Plus Multivitamin in Berry Chewable Tablets


What it is: Two berry flavored chewable immune support supplements that are also a multivitamin.

Key Ingredients: It is chaulkful of vitamins and minerals. It has no artificial coloring and it is made with cream and sugar like your morning cup of jo.

How it feels/smells/looks/tastes: Square red tablets that taste extremely tart and bitter greet you when you open this packet up. I cringed when I bit into it. It was too strong for my liking.

Why I like it: I like it for all of the benefits it supplies, but the taste of this is preventing me from giving it my stamp of approval. I would try a different flavor or form of this, but the sample that I received was too much for me.

What other types of reviews do you guys want to see from me? Do you want to see more health, food, and/or drink reviews? Let me know!

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19 thoughts on “Sample Wednesday: Airborne”

  1. I don’t know if that is the same type of chewable Airborne a friend tried a long time ago but she reported that essentially it was “gross” – her words ha. I’ve tried the ones that you drop into water and become a sort of orange flavored thing. Those are fine. Though I feel none of these types of things do that much for helping me be less sick or get better faster (I mean all related, like emergen-c, vitamin c, echinacea, etc). its not bad to take them but they are not a miracle.

  2. Reviews on health products and food and such might be quite hard and “triggering” for me to read – but if you feel like that is something you would like to do, you shouldn’t hesitate doing so. I just might not be reading it, since I’ve been put on this extremely strict diet to gain weight and get healthy!

    1. What if it is vitamins and drink mixes? Nothing that is dieting. Food reviews like granola bars and such? I don’t do any dieting stuff. I’m not supposed and I won’t put that on here. I’m putting up a recipe for baklava later this week. Are those kinds of posts okay?

      1. It sounds so weird when I say it, but I literally have everything I’m supposed to it pre planned by someone who works there (it even says what and how much I need to drink and when). So what I mean by triggering is; even if there is something normal, that I might feel like I want to try, I’m not allowed – sort of. But I don’t want to restrain your blogging opportunities, so I think you should write about it anyways 🙂

      2. Awe! Oh, that sounds super strict. I’m sorry that you cannot read them. I will tell you that in the coming weeks that I have a coffee and smoothie review.

      3. It really is, I’m planning on doing a blog post showing/talking about my eating schedule. I’m probably going to go back in time on your blog and read them, when my eating habits are less restricted!

      4. YAY! Happy for your readership! I’m trying to figure out how much money it would be to send a package internationally. I’m trying to see if I can afford an international giveaway.

      5. I think it depends much on the weight of the package (and if it exceeds 2kg it will probably cost money for the person who receives it)! But you should really look in to it.

      6. I am because I really want to do it internationally. If it is more than 10 dollars, I will probably not do it, because that would be too expensive.

      7. Yeah, I understand that – you should do what suits you (and “your wallet” best)! Then I also think the price depends on what country and shipping company you use.

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