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Life Update

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I don’t have much to say today. My ban is still going strong after buying GlamGlow. I might need a moisturizer next week, but I will be buying another Cetaphil one. I have fallen in love with the brand and really think that their products are amazing. My cat is getting blood work tomorrow to see how the diet is working for her hyperthyroidism, so keep your fingers crossed for that. Otherwise, life is going good for me. I’m concerned about one of my friends, because I do not know what is going on with her and I’m worried. She told me not to, but when you love someone, you can’t help but worry about them when they are hurting. I just want her to know that I’m here for her whenever she needs me. That I wouldn’t hesitate to come to her if she needed me. I finished another book, so I am finishing writing a review about it. I just started another book and I am about halfway through another. It seems like I am back into the swing of reading. I’ll be posting up a review every Friday this month! And maybe a bonus one as well? We will see. What have you guys been up to?

With Love,



25 thoughts on “Life Update”

  1. I hope everything goes well for Shadow!! Also, I got your letter today, and I wrote a long response letter that is going out in the mail tomorrow. I’ve been a terrible reader lately, I’ve been too tired to in my free time. ugh.

    1. Thank you! YAY! I love getting letters and I look forward to reading this one in particular. As I type, Shadow is trying to eat…no she is eating the broom. lol. I still have to finish one more book before March is over.

      1. She’s eating the broom?? I don’t think Louis has ever done that, but maybe he has and I just don’t remember. He does like to snuggle spider plants, which apparently have an effect similar to cat nip.

      2. Yeah, she wouldn’t let them draw blood. They tried both legs before having to go for her jugular and she was crying the whole time. Since I came home, she hasn’t left my side. Poor thing.

      3. Aw 😦 the vet always seems to be upsetting. Louis is good, but we took Ellie last summer and they clipped her nails for us and we could here her crying from the other room. It has to be stressful to be taken out of your environment like that when you never really leave it.

      4. Yea, it is. Lol. We’ve had her for years, but she’s so difficult to deal with I probably never even told you her name. Technically it’s Eleanor, but only the vet calls her that. Lol.

      5. Oh. Wow. I think the name was picked from one of those super old shows, like the Beverly hill billies or something? I never watched them so I don’t know. But I think the girl on the show was Eleanor and everyone called her Ellie. I wanted to name her Molly after Molly ringwald from pretty in pink but no one wanted to hear it. Lol.

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