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Update Thursday

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Okay, so a quick life update for all of my readers. My beauty buying ban is still underway and I have decided to only splurge on one non-beauty item for my birthday. I have decided that I will be in the market for buying clip in hair extensions for fullness. I don’t know what brand or anything yet, so if you know of any good ones, let me know in the comments. I will of course pop into Lush for one of their fresh face masks, go to the movies, and go out to dinner for my birthday. Don’t worry! You will be spending the day with me [post goes up after the fact]. Shadow’s results can back from the blood test. Her counts are lower, but the vet wants to see them even lower. Her kidney indicators are still high. Her blood will be retaken in four months to see if that changes. The vet says that so far so good and to keep up with just feeding her her Prescription Diet wet and dry food. My toe still looks beaten, but there is no more pain. I cannot trim the nail though, so it is crazy long. It hurts if I finagle with it.

I also wanted to give you all an update on what I am doing in regards to writing. Most of you probably do not know, that I am a published author under an assumed name, a nom de plume if you will. I am working on writing a second installment of poetry and short stories under the name of Selena Hannah. It will be a short collection of poems from the first book [which I am considering pulling from the market but I’ll probably leave it as is for now], a selection of new poetry, and a collections of excerpts from the four novels that I am currently working on. Would you guys like to know more about this, along with status updates? I’m not trying to plug in my goods [I never even told you the name of the published book]. I’m just to share more of what I love, which is writing.

With Love,



21 thoughts on “Update Thursday”

    1. Lol. Okay, I feel freer to share my double life with all of you. I was nervous that everyone would think that I was trying to shove the sale of my books down your throats. This will never be my intention. I’ll have links to buy my books when they become available, but I will never just advertise my books in my posts ALL of the time. THanks for the <3.

      1. Not as frequently. She does it about twice to three times a week now, mostly hairballs. Compared to four times a day or more, that is VERY good. And it’s normal for her to throw up hairballs because she isn’t taking anything to control it. Once we have her under stable medical condition, we will try supplements for the furballs.

      2. Well that is good! Or at least much better! Louis doesn’t seem to have a hairball problem but he has been shedding a lot lately with the change of seasons. Same with Ellie.

      3. He is. It’s so funny because I have a full size bed and he can go wherever he wants because there is plenty of space but he almost always picks the middle. What are you up to today? I’m hoping to do some reading, I’ve barely done any the past few weeks.

      4. I’m going to blog, read: I’m trying to read this book completely, write you back, do some of my own writing, and contact companies regarding my blog. I have finally decided that I will be buying my url.

    1. I know that I currently am uploading a short novella on my blog, but that is just for fun. I’m not really serious about that story. It helps me get through writers block though. If I ever finish it. I will offer it for free on Amazon as a kindle book, so everyone can take it on the go. Thank you and I’m still not totally sure on the birthday thing. lol

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