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March Favorities

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It is time to share my monthly favorites with you. I will break down everything that I have been loving and some things that I haven’t been loving this month. As always, you can leave suggestions for April’s posts to give me an idea of what you love seeing and what you want to see next here on Beauty & The Bookcase.


  • My giveaway going on know HERE. I am giving away a book that I have loved and that I would recommend to my readers. Let me know if you want to see more book giveaways. My next one will be beauty related. Did you want to see one book and one beauty and go back and forth like that? Let me know your thoughts on it.
  • I have been really loving 40 Days of Blogging for Lent and I haven’t missed a day! I know you guys are loving it too based on my current stats. I love you guys for reading my blog and letting me do what I love to do. There are so many posts that I want to do and so little time. I wish that I could post every day all the time, but that isn’t practical. After this event, I will go back to my regular blogging schedule which is Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sunday with an occasional Manicure Monday. So, 5 days a week, where 3 posts will be a mystery and the others are an update and a review.
  • I loved going shopping this month and stopping at all of my favorite stores.
  • A new product that I am loving is my Glam Glow Mud Exfoliating Cleanser in the black bottle. It is amazing! I am seeing my skin improve every day, which reminds me that I have to update my morning and evening skin care routines. I think that is coming in the next week weeks on my blog. I want to share with you guys products that I use on the daily basis currently. It has changed totally since my last one over a year ago.


  • My unfavorite of the month is dealing with Mooky’s anxiety. She is driving me crazy, but we are going to try different meds and see if that helps at all.

What are you loving? What are you hating? Let me know. I love learning about new products and things to avoid.

With Love,



2 thoughts on “March Favorities”

  1. the GlamGlow cleanser sounds like a good one to try. I do really like the mask they have though forget the exact name but is one of the first ones they came out with and is a clay type.

    hope Mooky gets less anxious soon!

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