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I’ve Been Lazy

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I’m sorry about not posting my update yesterday. I was at the dealership until 7 and then I went out for dinner. By the time I came home, it was ten o’clock and I watched a couple of episodes of The Hart of Dixie until I passed out. Let me just say that Dani has gotten me obsessed with The Hart of Dixie! Why haven’t I watched this show sooner?! Seriously! It is so good! I am either on the 6th or 8th episode already. I have GOT THE CAR!!! Yes, all of my sacrifice has been worth it. I am leasing a new 2014 Chevrolet Malibu LT in White. I am signing the papers on Monday or Tuesday and will have the car on Tuesday or Wednesday. YAY! I am so excited! When it is in my possession, I will give you guys a tour of my new car!!! I am getting my license by the end of the summer, so that I can drive myself places.

Of course, my dad will still use the car, since we have to share the one vehicle. I’m okay with that. I don’t really like to drive. It makes me sick, but I need to toughen up and just do it. My dad isn’t going to be around forever and I doubt my bf will want to be my chauffeur for the rest of his life. I’m so excited though! It’s a 36 month lease, while I save up money for a house. I am going shopping tomorrow, so get ready for a haul! Umm…I think that is it right now. Oh, wait! I got the Carefree Voxbox from Influenster, so you will see that in a next post as well. Happy Good Friday all you Catholics!

With Love,



11 thoughts on “I’ve Been Lazy”

  1. Yay!!! You finally got a new car!!! Every time I hear Malibu I think of my favorite run. Even though your car won’t run on rum. And yay, I’ve finally convinced someone to watch Hart of Dixie. The only other person who has watched it is Beth, even though I think all of my other friends would probably enjoy it. Whatever.

    1. YES! I love Wade. She needs to end up with Wade. So much chemistry! lol. My rum car will take your rum out one of these days. I cannot wait to actually have it in my possession!

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