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10 Things I Hate About You Tag

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I have decided to make up my own tag. I am sitting here bored with no clue, so I thought that creating a fresh tag would be quite nice. There are no rules for this tag. It is just a courtesy to name who tagged you and to tag someone else at the end of your post. It is up to you how many people you tag. I will be tagging 4 at the end, so if you want, you can tag four as well, but at least just one to keep the tag going. Let’s get this tag to go viral! This tag is 10 things you have wanted to say. It doesn’t matter to who. You can say them now. Maybe someone feels the same way. This tag isn’t about hate. This tag is about wanting to stand up for yourself when in real life you couldn’t.


So, let’s get to it!

  1. I hate you when you sit in the stall besides mine when we are the only ones in the bathroom.
  2. I hate you for talking about me behind my back instead of just telling me how you felt up front.
  3. I hate you for making a list of the things you think I need to improve on like my imperfection isn’t perfect and everything you dreamed of.
  4. I hate you for making me feel small for wanting a full life like wanting a family of my own isn’t as important as being a Lawyer.
  5. I hate you for making me hate myself and think that I was the one to blame.
  6. I hate you, because you never saw me, only my reflection.
  7. I hate you, but a part of me will always hold onto us.
  8. I hate you even when I shouldn’t, because hating you is easier than admitting I was wrong.
  9. I hate you for making me feel again, when all I wanted was to numb the pain.
  10. Finally, I hate you for the most simplest thing: for making me believe life is worth feeling the pain when the reward is feeling loved.

As you can see, you start with the things you truly hate, then move into some deeper stuff. I’m not afraid to say that I am talking about my boyfriend, because the things that make me hate him, are the things that make me love him the most.

I will tag:





Will you guys do the tag? Let me know. I’m too lazy to put in the urls. lol. So, if you do the post, make sure to link it back to this post. Thanks guys! My Easter is only Ā a week away! So excited and sad that Blogging for Lent will be over soon.

With Love,



18 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate About You Tag”

    1. Lol. We are actually a lot more stable now. I finally said all the things I needed to say and he never knew how I felt. I never told him he was wrong, so he never knew when he crossed a line. I feel great that I finally shared these things with him. And he shared with me the things he never said. I never knew that I was hurting him. You need communication in a relationship and we are learning that. He proposed to me actually after our talk for like the third time that I’ve known him. I’m really considering it to be serious. I’ve always told him yes, but jokingly. Now, I feel like maybe there is something here worth fighting for.

  1. LOL! That is a good idea create your own tag! šŸ™‚ I totally agree with you on #1! I will think about doing this tag. I am all about promoting positivity though, because I am tired of all the hate. I am a negative and pessimistic person by nature so I am trying to change that. I did enjoy reading this tag though. Thanks again! šŸ™‚

    1. Your welcome. This tag isn’t really about hate. It’s about the things you never said that you wished that you did like “I hate you, because you never saw me, only my reflection.” Is taking about how hurt I felt when I thought that my bf only loved me for my beauty and didn’t love the whole package that I am. It’s empowerment really. You could always change the hate to dislike. I was playing off of the 10 things I hate about you movie.

  2. I’ll definitely do this tag, tomorrow though, since I have to go to bed now. But I like the idea, and I like that it really isn’t about hate towards a specific person, only just things that might annoy you! It’s a great tag šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! And its not like I hate you because of the way you look or anything. It’s things like hating someone for not standing up for yourself. Like I don’t really hate my bf for making me feel again. I felt that way at the time. I couldn’t understand why he wanted me, someone broken and…well…I really love him now for sticking it through. I also don’t really hate him for making me believe in love again even with the pain that comes with it. It starts with the annoying things, then the hurtful things, then the things I did, and finally, how I “hated” more like loved him.

      1. Yes exactly, it’s just things that may be scary or uncomfortable, and I guess it can be “targeted” towards loads of people? Yes, I totally understand that, I’ve felt the same way!

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