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I’ve Been Naughty

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I’ve been a little naughty today on my day off of work. First, I went and bought my Monster Jam tickets online today for June for Father’s Day. He’s so excited to be going again and I have to say that I am too. It’s growing on me. What can I say? So, I will be having pictures of the event coming soon and I’ll make sure to get a couple of pictures for myself as well. I then have Birchbox points burning a whole in my pocket, so I had to spend them. I paid 10.79 USD out of pocket for 62.99 USD worth of stuff! I had 30 USD in Birchbox points, a coupon for 20% [takeoff20] that took off 9.60 USD, free shipping worth 5 USD, and a free sample gift package with purchase of 35 USD or more worth 10 USD. I had so many great deals. I won’t tell you what I bough though. It will be an upcoming haul post. I will tell you three of the brands though: Stila, Paula’s Choice, and Yes To. These are all brands that I have tried before and loved. I’ve never tried what I bought though, so fingers crossed! I will be back tomorrow with my Perfume Collection post. Have a Good Friday for those celebrating like me and have a Happy Friday for everyone else.

No meat until Saturday and making a big roast. My bf says hi. lol. He says he’s gonna die of starvation before the lamb roast on Sunday. He’s so dramatic. Yay for sleep over parties. Love Ya!

With Love,



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